How Flexible Do You Need to Be to Win the War for Talent?

On Tuesday, September 27th HireRoad and Brandon Hall Group presented a webinar — Creating an Adaptable Approach to Talent Acquisition. One of the major points discussed in this webinar is that fluid talent markets require adaptive talent acquisition. Which is a fancy way of saying, “things are changing and so we need to change.”

There really have been too many different upheavals, global events, workplace revolutions, and various names people have made to describe all of those phenomena to remember here. The lesson from all of this is that unpredictability is just the new way of life, both at home and in the (traditional or virtual) office. 

What does this mean for the professionals who are trying to keep their business staffed with the best and brightest people, regardless of internal and external challenges? That we must be resilient, adaptable, and flexible in how we approach the competitive landscape of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding.

Simply throwing money at the problem by increasing salaries is not the solution, even if it were an option (which it isn’t). Having a flexible work schedule was listed as more important than compensation in maintaining a strong Employer Value Proposition, according to Brandon Hall Group’s latest research, and having a flexible work location was nearly as important. 

Again, simply having the option to work from home or allowing for self-scheduling is not enough. Your organization must have the policies, procedures, and technology to allow that to happen. The process must be automated, seamless, and personalized for all different types of employees. This requires flexibility on the part of the TA professional, their organization, and the systems that support the entire endeavor. 

All of this is not to frighten anyone into inaction, but rather an appeal to think differently about how we go about the hiring process, and how we can best support our organizations’ strategic efforts with the hiring process. After all, we are asking for our employees to be flexible, so it’s only fair that we show the same adaptability in how we hire. 


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