How to Develop Impactful Leadership Habits for Every Employee

Almost every employer prioritizes leadership development. Year after year, Brandon Hall Group research shows that leadership development gets the heaviest investment among human capital management functions.

Then why aren’t more organizations successful?

Only 34% of organizations believe they are developing leaders who are ready to drive business results in the next 1-2 years. There are several reasons, including that development focuses too much on event-based learning and not enough on continuous learning journeys.

But even employers that take a more strategic and multi-modal approach to develop leaders struggle to get the results they want. The key to improvement is getting people to form new leadership habits that stick. That’s why Brandon Hall Group is partnering with ADEPT Leadership® for an Oct. 6 webinar that focuses specifically on developing impactful leadership habits for every employee.

Imagine if every employee acquired habits that helped them lead in a variety of situations during their time with your organization. More employees than ever before are being asked to lead in some way as more work gets done through teams. 70% of employers agree with the statement, “leadership development training is needed for every employee,” our research shows.

Even more organizations – at least 75% — agree that building strong leadership habits would:

  • Promote engagement
  • Make employees better decision-makers
  • Increase the likelihood that employees will take personal responsibility for their actions
  • Improve individual performance

The key is offering development experiences that don’t just teach leadership but empower employees to form new behaviors and make them a habit. In the webinar, ADEPT Leadership® CEO Paul DePalma will explain ADEPT’s approach to developing new leadership habits, and TDS Telecommunications, which revamped its leadership development program in partnership with ADEPT with great success, will share their experience and results.

Join DePalma, Lynette Maynes, Director of Field Services for TDS, and Claude Werder of Brandon Hall Group for the Oct. 6 webinar. You will leave with:

  • Research and insights on leadership trends
  • Strategies and steps to create new leadership habits that affect change at the individual and organizational levels
  • Examples of how organizations have reimagined leadership development and achieved greater business success

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