Industry Leadership Report: Betterleap

Betterleap represents a true leap forward in modernizing the candidate experience and recruitment processes, leading to better efficiency and more effective hires. Betterleap sets itself apart in the market through its powerful AI-enabled technology, strategic partnerships and clear value proposition for customers.

The availability of AI-powered tools across the HR technology spectrum has increased exponentially over the last year. Betterleap is an AI-powered sourcing platform that leverages real-time data access across 700 data partners to increase recruiter efficiency and time to hire for enterprise level organizations with established technology stacks. Betterleap works in concert with your ATS to deliver a superior recruiter experience.

At the heart of Betterleap’s powerful sourcing engine is their conversational AI search bar. With this innovative approach, you can search for candidates meeting specific criteria such as, “Software engineers within a 30 minute drive of Google HQ.” The AI-powered search creates filters and pulls every potential candidate that meets those requirements. Recruiters can then refine the filters by removing or adding additional parameters to narrow down their search results. You also have the capability to target net new resumes by only searching among new applicants for a particular role.

Clear Value Proposition for Customers

When engaging with new customers, the Betterleap team regular solves for challenges in one or more of four areas:

  • Sourcing – Finding candidates that meet requirements unique and specific to your job openings and leveraging powerful, recruiter controlled filters to refine searches.
  • Talent Rediscovery – Connecting Betterleap’s AI to your historical candidate data from the ATS allows Betterleap to refresh information such as current employer, changes in contact information and others and then feed that udpated information back to your ATS so you can reconnect with potential candidates you already know.
  • Data Enrichment – Following the same principle, organizations who acquire data such as state license holders in a particular discipline or graduates with specific degrees, Betterleap can refresh that data and ensure it is complete and again, feed it back into your core ATS system.
  • Light touch CRM – Betterleap’s built in communication templates allow you to customize and automate ongoing touchpoints. The AI tools will even write them for you.

Betterleap is working with some of the largest brands you know to modernize their recruitment workflows and drive efficiency and related cost-savings to those brands. It is sourcing and outreach technology that works the way you want it to. They are definitely worth considering if you are in the market to upgrade your recruiting technology stack.

Partnership Approach

Betterleap founder and CEO Khaled Hussein shares that 95% of their new business comes from strategic partnership referrals. “We are proud of the strong partnerships we’ve built – and are continuing to build – to bring our solution to the enterprise.” The approach is working, with Betterleap seeing month over month growth of 30 – 40%.

As Betterleap’s NLS (natural language search) learns from your interactions, it continually refines its ability to connect you with ideal candidates, streamlining your path from search to hire. This process of continuous improvement ensures that the platform consistently offers you a recruiting experience that’s not only efficient but also deeply aligned with your strategic goals.

Betterleap is AI-powered recruiting technology that works the way you hope it will to deliver real value and outstanding results. You can learn more about them here: Betterleap – Best Recruiting Software & Talent Acquisition Tool.

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