isolved Healthcare Services: Support for the Supporters

isolved’s People Cloud for Healthcare Services is isolved‘s first industry-specific packaged solution. The genesis of the concept came from the last two years, which saw a dramatic increase in healthcare organizations buying and using the isolved platform. Healthcare has been the most challenged industry in the pandemic and tends to take a very broad view of the services needed for its employees, so it makes sense that the software to support them must also have a broad scope.

isolved’s research shows that 73% of healthcare providers found talent retention more difficult in the last twelve months. In Brandon Hall Group’s research on employee well-being, 67% of employees in the healthcare industry were leaving because they either felt undervalued or found their work environment too stressful. Clearly, healthcare organizations see the need to keep employees and specifically find ways to support them in a manner that reinforces their value to them and relieves some of the relentless stress of their day-to-day environment.

isolved has created a package of products and services that have been successful at healthcare organizations (including assisted living facilities, hospitals, community care facilities and clinics), starting with the single-login employee experience platform, purpose-built for healthcare services and presented to show that the organization values its workers, highlighting the different ways workers can manage their workloads. 

It should be noted that the isolved healthcare package includes specialized help in talent acquisition, payroll, workforce management and talent management, but the softer side of services is the thing most worth focusing on, as that goes directly to the reasons people in the healthcare environment are leaving.

isolved services such as financial wellness education, helping employees keep up with changing compliance and certification needs and LMS supported courses and content specific to the healthcare industry are all directed to address the needs of healthcare workers. These services assist employee growth inside and outside of their job and help them feel valued.

For administrators, there are new recruitment marketing services to help them with messaging and targeted, personalized recruitment. isolved’s people predictive analytics products help monitor stress levels and shift scheduling recommendations and are designed with the healthcare industry in mind. 

The isolved healthcare offering is a comprehensive package laser-focused on supporting one of the most vital segments of our society — and it could not have come at a better time. 

–Cliff Stevenson, Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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