Keeping the Focus on the Learner

Ease-of-use has always been the mantra for learning technologies and it’s always at the top of the priority list when organizations are looking for new solutions. In fact, for years, ease-of-use has been cited in Brandon Hall Group Research studies as one of the top three reasons companies look to replace their existing LMS. 

It’s not until recently, however, that the definition of ease-of-use has changed. Previously, everyone had focused on admins and what their experience was like setting up and managing the technology. Vendors wanted to make the admin’s job as easy as possible and this stayed the status quo because admins were who the vendors were selling to.  

In recent years, organizations have realized that learning technology is not there just to serve the admins but to serve the learners too. As such, the learner experience has outpaced the admin experience as a priority in technology requirements. In Brandon Hall Group’s most recent learning technology survey, learner friendliness was listed as the number two reason for switching technologies and admin friendliness was fourth.

Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice® Platinum Preferred Provider LearnUpon takes great pride in how learner-centric its technology is. They know that the slickest admin interface in the world doesn’t matter if learners are struggling and abandoning the platform. People are generally accustomed to technology that just works with no tutorials and no guesswork. If the learner interface is not intuitive from the beginning, adoption and engagement become uphill battles.

For example, LearnUpon worked with Sonic Automotive to completely transform their learner experience. Leaners and admins alike found the old system cumbersome, meaning learners would simply bail out, preventing any reinforcement of the training. By taking a learner-centric approach, LearnUpon was able to turn it around. “It’s just so easy to use, search and access content,” says Senior Training Director Shawn Dingle, “Employees just flow through the training. It’s really easy to get them to take courses and complete the assignments and exams.”

LearnUpon has a similar story with ACE Fitness, as well as numerous other clients. When looking to replace existing learning technology or acquire a solution for the first time, it is critical to consider the learners’ needs first. If the technology isn’t going to provide a simple, engaging, and impactful learner experience, none of the IT, budget, or admin issues you’re solving will matter much.

David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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