Learning Content Lifecycle Management: The Next Big Thing in L&D?

When it comes to learning content, there has traditionally been something missing from the equation. There are authoring tools to create the content and tools to deliver the content (LMS, LXP). All of these tools ignore the stage of managing the content, and end up treating content as a static, stagnant asset. As companies try to get faster and more agile with their efforts to upskill the workforce, they are finding it increasingly important to get a handle on the content they have available and a much more dynamic way of managing it.

This is why Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice Preferred Provider DelphianLogic created their Learning Content Lifecycle Management (LCLM) tool, ContentCentral. With business needs rapidly changing, skill gaps widening, and learner personas and preferences evolving, companies need a better way of keeping track of what content is available and where it is in its lifecycle as it relates to the organization’s – and the learner’s – learning needs. Organizations often default to in-house solutions for these tasks with tools like SharePoint, or manual spreadsheets and folders. But this approach simply dumps content in a place where it is hard to find or differentiate what is relevant and up-to-date.

An LCLM solution lets an organization get more granular about who owns content and whether it needs to be reviewed, updated, or archived. The use of smart keywords, deep search, and filters make for quick and easy retrieval. This all leads to direct, real-world benefits. Companies can be sure that the material learners are exploring is the most current, relevant material at that moment – critical in the era of self-directed skill building. It also gives content creators confidence that they aren’t duplicating efforts since they know exactly what is available to learners. This kind of insight is not available via an LMS or an LXP alone.

Organizations that have made moves to provide a more modern, dynamic learning environment should take a look at how they are managing their content and see if that process aligns with all their other learning efforts. There is a good chance managing the content lifecycle is the weak spot that could be holding them back. For more info on how L&D teams can cope in a post COVID19 environment, download this handbook; and for more insight into how an LCLM solution can help your organization, download this eBook.  

David Wentworth, Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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