Litmos goes to Vegas

Robots. Peyton Manning. A giant tree frog singing “What a Wonderful World.” This is not a dream I had last night, but rather things I encountered during my time at CallidusCloud’s C3 user conference. I promise I will explain.shutterstock_305282507

I was there to deliver a presentation on creating a learning experience to current and prospective users of CallidusCloud’s Litmos learning platform. According to Rory Cameron, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Learning and Marketing Platforms for CallidusCloud, last year the event drew 50 learning attendees. This year it’s up to 170 and more than 300 are expected next year. Nice growth since CallidusCloud acquired Litmos in 2011.

Peyton Manning was there to deliver a keynote address and did a marvelous job of weaving his own experiences into the topic of leadership within organizations. He even managed to get in a nice joke revolving around his partnership with Papa John’s in Colorado and legalized marijuana.

Here’s where the robots come in. CallidusCloud has a partnership with Double Robotics, trying to help solve some of the challenges around in-person training. It can be very costly – both from a straight dollar perspective as well as lost opportunities – to send a group of people to a specific location to take training. The Double Robotics telepresence robots allow someone to physically move through an environment remotely and interact with other people and/or robots. It seems kind of strange and far-fetched at first, but there is serious potential. That might explain why there are about five or six other companies with telepresence robots as well. But the presence of these robots, along with the occasional appearance of virtual reality goggles show that Callidus and Litmos are committed to looking a bit further ahead than many of the companies in this space.

As for the giant tree fog, if you’ve ever been to Lakeside at the Wynn in Las Vegas, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t you will probably be as perplexed as I was when the illuminated, neon-color frog emerged over the five-story waterfall and began to lip synch to the Louis Armstrong classic. As I tried to wrap my head around what I was seeing, all I could think was “Vegas.”

David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group


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