MakeShift wins two Gold Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards

Award-winning ReMind program explores creative practices to support mental health recovery and wellbeing

Sydney, Australia, 7 September 2021: Australian education and support agency MakeShift has won two Gold Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in the categories of Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program and Best Use of Social/Collaborative Learning.

Competing with projects from all over the world, MakeShift was recognised alongside learning providers The ID Crowd and Lever – Transfer of Learning, for their collaborative effort to pivot the ReMind: Creativity on Prescription program to digital as a result of the pandemic.

The first program of it’s kind in Australia, ReMind: Creativity on Prescription is an evidence-based, return-to-life program exploring a series of creative practices, and how they can support, maintain and assist with mental health recovery and wellbeing. The program gives people with PTSD, depression or anxiety diagnoses the tools to shift out of heightened anxiety, numbness, vigilance or other symptoms and use creative practices as a means of self-care. Many participants are first responders such as police or paramedics.

Along with a range of cognitive behavioural therapy tools, ReMind works with participants to develop awareness of how mental health experiences show up for them and which practices specifically offset those experiences. By cultivating a habit of those practices, participants develop mindful self-care behaviours and greater capacity to know and understand what they need to do each day to support their mental health recovery.

The ID Crowd designed a digital experience which was as engaging and valuable as the face-to-face experience. The approach could not just be content based, rather it needed to be completely centred around the mindset and needs of the learner and not further burden vulnerable participants. The program was pivoted to digital with the help of how-to videos and live Zoom sessions as well as Lever – Transfer of Learning’s powerful and innovative Coach M conversational intelligence (chatbot) solution. Coach M is a self-coaching tool that supports learners in a structured way to slow down and reflect on their specific learning commitments. Using chatbot technology, Coach M initiates two-way coaching conversations, tailored to the individual.

Commenting on the award wins, Co-Founder of MakeShift, Lizzie Rose, said “I was able to witness first hand the benefits of bringing this program to people across Australia on a virtual and digital platform. We are delighted that our efforts have been commended by these awards.”

Caitlin Marshall, Co-Founder of MakeShift, said “In such a trying, difficult year, it’s really wonderful to celebrate this achievement! Working with The ID Crowd and Lever – Transfer of Learning was a wonderful collaboration that made a real impact”.

Nicole White, CEO and Founder of The ID Crowd, said “Since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve seen a massive shift in learner expectations when it comes to digital experiences. Learners want them to be rich, meaningful and human. That’s an expectation we should always aim for, to exceed.”

“We’re proud to support MakeShift on ReMind: Creativity on Prescription, and we’re delighted that the program is being recognised with these awards. This is important work that changes lives for the better. Thoughtful learning can do that.”

Emma Weber, CEO and Founder of Lever – Transfer of Learning, said “Now more than ever, learning solutions need to deliver real behavioural shifts. In a program that needed to have human needs front and centre I’m thrilled that a technology such as Coach M played such a key role in supporting learning transfer and behavioural change, helping individuals have better lives.”

“We are delighted to have had the opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the initiative, and be recognised alongside The ID Crowd and Makeshift.”

The Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards entries were evaluated by a panel of veteran, independent senior industry experts, Brandon Hall Group analysts and executives based upon these criteria: fit the need, design of the program, functionality, innovation and overall measurable benefits.

“Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in 2021 provide much-needed and well deserved recognition to organisations that went above and beyond to support their stakeholders during the unprecedented disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Brandon Hall Group COO and leader of the HCM Excellence Awards Program Rachel Cooke.

“The awards provide validation of best practices in all areas of HCM at a time when they have never been more important to employers, employees and customers.”

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About MakeShift

Makeshift is an education and support agency committed to providing education and training in creativity and mental health, for social change. MakeShift believes that creativity is a vital prescription for health, and in the agency of individuals to manage their own wellbeing.

MakeShift offers a variety of Mental Health First Aid and Creative First Aid courses including Press Play; immersive creative short courses, Lunch Break; one-hour creative workplace programs and ReMind: Creativity on Prescription; an 8-week return-to-life program.

About The ID Crowd  

The ID Crowd are an offbeat, award-winning bunch of learning experts – weavers of stories and creators of transformative learning. They get their kicks working with customers to solve real business problems and making every learning minute count.

You’ll find the team keenly collaborative – they love working closely with clients to craft beautiful and thoughtful experiences that learners love.

And that’s not all. The ID Crowd is on a mission to redefine ‘eLearning’​, to challenge the norm and build a new way of thinking about digital design. What if it’s not ‘eLearning’ at all?

The ID Crowd works with organisations of all sizes, from Silicon Valley tech giants to not-for profits, and they’d love to work with you too.

To the change-makers, the lovers of learning, The ID Crowd see you and are here to help. Come and meet your Crowd.

About Lever – Transfer of Learning

For the last 19 years Lever-Transfer of Learning has been helping organisations create meaningful behavioural change from their learning programs. Supplementing your current programs with the Turning Learning into Action™ methodology will ensure that skills and knowledge learned make it across the knowing-doing gap and become skills and knowledge applied in learners day to day roles.

With a talented team working across 12 countries and 16 languages, ‘Coach M’, our conversational intelligence chatbot has now been added to the group and has super charged our ability to deliver learning transfer coaching services at scale.

Organisations not only boost the results from programs but can capture vital data demonstrating outcomes and results to showcase learning outcomes across the organisation.

Emma Weber CEO and Founder shares her expertise and passion through her speaking and writing – her first book ‘Turning Learning into Action: a proven methodology for effective transfer of learning’ was published by Kogan Page in 2014.

About Brandon Hall Group

Brandon Hall Group operates the largest and longest running awards program in Human Capital Management. As an independent HCM research and analyst firm they conduct studies in Learning and Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Talent Acquisition and HR/Workforce Management. These benchmark studies help organizations by providing strategic insights for executives and practitioners responsible for growth and business results.

Coupling the research studies with the best practice from the awards, Brandon Hall Group has helped more than 10,000 clients globally and more than 28 years of delivering world-class research and advisory. At the core of our offerings is a membership program that combines research, benchmarking and unlimited access to data and analysts. Membership enables executives and practitioners to make the right decisions about people, processes, and systems, coalesced with analyst advisory services which aim to put the research into action in a way that is practical and efficient.

Brandon Hall Group has also launched professional certifications for business and human capital management professionals to upskill themselves and gain credentials for career advancement.

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Mike Cooke

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