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Redefining Just-in-Time Training: A Look at How Microsoft and GP Strategies Developed Training That Is Always On

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern

Delivering the right content to your audience exactly when they need it can be challenging for many reasons. The mobile workforce is always on the go, always pushed for time and always online. Rapid change makes it difficult to offer content while it’s still fresh. Formal training and internal communications compete with information that reaches your workforce through social media, blogs, radio and TV. How do you get the right information to the right people at the right time?

Join David Grebow, Principal Learning Analyst from Brandon Hall Group, Tjeerd Veninga, Program Manager from Microsoft, and Kim Hansen, Project Manager from GP Strategies, to learn how the two organizations partnered together to create the “Always On” program (a component of a larger course initiative called “Readiness Edge”). This program is focused on bite-sized training that has been successful by offering information that is “just in time,” “just for you” and “just enough” for Microsoft’s worldwide workforce.

The Always On program is a response to the accelerating pace of Microsoft product updates, publishing short videos throughout the year to offer timely training beginning on the day that new products are released. These videos are available to all Microsoft employees and viewing is optional. The program has proved to be successful, reaching 22,000 unique users resulting in over 67,000 views.

This webinar will reveal:

  • Latest Brandon Hall Group research on just-in-time and just-enough learning from their recent benchmarking
  • How Microsoft used SharePoint technology to build Academy, a YouTube-like platform, to deliver audio and video training
  • How the Readiness Edge team developed a channel on Academy to host best-in-show videos from the Readiness Edge required online courses
  • How the team went on to develop the three new series of videos that make up the Always On program and why it was successful
  • How the team entered into a partnership with corporate communications to market and increase adoption of the Always On program
  • Best practices and lessons learned that attendees can apply to their own programs

People will choose to take training that is not required IF it is just in time, just for them, just enough and certainly not too long. We hope you can join us.

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