NetDimensions Tackles Compliance

Guess what? Compliance is important. It does not get talked about with the same fervor as social learning, mobile technologies or even reporting and analytics. However, it is a critical piece of just about every organization’s learning strategy. How critical? According to preliminary data from Brandon Hall Group’s annual compliance survey, one-fifth of companies consider regulatory compliance to be the most important learning program in terms of their overall business strategy. If we add in company compliance, one-third of companies say compliance is the most important.

That means that one in three companies thinks compliance is more important than leadership development, job-specific skills and even product and services knowledge. I’d say that’s pretty important.

NetDimensions has long recognized the importance of compliance and certification, and has claimed to be a leader in that space. This month, the LMS provider cemented that commitment with the announcement of a partnership with compliance solution provider QUMAS. A new interface called MyQUMAS allows QUMAS users to access a compliance training environment that is powered by the NetDimensions learning platform.

The solution aims to move compliance out of the paper-based era. According to the BHG survey, 10% of all compliance training is still paper based and about 30% is delivered in-person. Compliance training can now be delivered in a modern LMS environment with access to anything from corporate policies to SCORM-compliant, third-party content — complete with tracking and reporting.

It’s important to have an easy way to import, manage and deliver third-party content. Two-thirds of companies that employ content from a training provider (as opposed to a regulating body) say that it is either very effective or highly effective.

Also, the ability to track and report on compliance training is critical, especially if the organization has to demonstrate compliance to regulators. Less than half of organizations say they are highly prepared for an external compliance audit.

Compliance is far too important to be left in the era of pencil pushing. Technology solutions are allowing companies to take better control of their programs, offer better material and make compliance more engaging.

David Wentworth, Senior Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

P.S. There is still time to take Brandon Hall Group’s 2014 compliance survey. Just click here.

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