Personalizing Learning for the Future of Work

Fewer than half of companies say their approach to learning does a good job positioning the organization for future-of-work requirements according to Brandon Hall Group’s 2021 Upskilling and Reskilling Study. Most weren’t in a very good pre-pandemic position and the current volatile environment has made it even more difficult. If they want to survive and thrive, companies require a much more agile and adaptive approach to learning, centered around personalization at scale.

One-size-fits-all learning is clearly not serving the needs of the business. Learners need more frequent and targeted contextual learning experiences to be successful. Most companies don’t have the strategy, content, or technology to do this well. But there is hope. More than 80% of companies say they are working to improve the personalization of their learning, with an emphasis on adopting new learning processes.

Brandon Hall Group’s 2021 State of Learning Practices Study found that the top learning priority for the next 12 months is creating a stronger link between learning and performance. Delivering personalization at enterprise scale is what solidifies this link. In fact, 93% of companies strongly believe that personalized learning helps improve organizational performance and individual performance. 

It comes down to an adaptive learning environment that provides people with exactly what they need when they need it, regardless of whether they were searching for it or didn’t even know they needed it. Learning becomes less of a disruptive event to the workflow and more of a critical tool that is integral to job performance. It allows knowledge and skills to be built in the right places, aligned with the overarching goals of the business.

Brandon Hall Group worked with Smartchoice Preferred Provider Realizeit to develop a research brief that analyzes how personalized learning delivers the adaptability and agility organizations require to build skills for today and for the future. To learn more, download Personalized Learning at Scale: Embracing an Adaptive Mindset to Transform Learning.

David Wentworth, Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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