Excellence at Work 268: The Need for a Revolution in Leadership Development

The world of work has undergone massive shifts in recent decades, yet many organizations still rely on outdated leadership development approaches from the 1950s.

According to research by McKinsey, only 11% of executives strongly believe their leadership programs are successful. Similarly, estimates suggest a mere 10% of the $60 billion spent annually on leadership training generates concrete results.

These dismal numbers stem from an overreliance on skill-based training that fails to address the increasing complexity and context-driven nature of modern leadership.

As Lori Mazan, co-founder and president of Sounding Board, explains in the latest Brandon Hall Group™ Excellence at Work podcast interview with Rachel Cooke, COO and Principal HCM Analyst at Brandon Hall Group™, leadership is just as complex and can be life and death. The whole of employee development, including leader development, is built on this training model. We still constantly talk about upskilling and reskilling, and there is a need for this. But this is only the most basic.

Topics include:

  • Why is a leadership revolution needed? What is so different now that we need new ways to develop leaders?
  • What is the secret to exceptional leadership?
  • Mazan says that skill-based development is not enough to ensure success. Why?
  • Mazan states why leadership coaching is this era’s secret weapon.
  • How do we move from the traditional focus on measuring activities to measuring and cultivating true developmental and organizational impact?
  • How can old-school leaders unlearn the habits that worked for them in the past but are now detrimental to a modern workplace?
  • How will AI impact the kind of leadership we need today?
  • In the wave of AI, why is human-to-human development so critical?
  • What will leadership development will look like five years from now?
  • What can listeners do to best support their own leadership development right now?

Speaker Bio:

Lori Mazan is the co-founder, president, and chief coaching officer for Sounding Board, the first Dynamic Leaders Development Suite designed to bridge the leadership gap. One of the first 250 ICF-certified coaches globally, she has spent more than 25 years coaching C-suite executives in developing critical leadership capabilities that have immediate, positive business impact.

Lori, certified by the Coaches Training Institute, now the Co-Active Training Institute, has coached leaders in top companies such as Chevron, Sprint, and Citibank, as well as venture-backed high-growth companies like Intellikine, Tapjoy and 10XGenomics.

Many of her CEO and executive clients said they would have benefited from leader coaching earlier in their careers. This led Lori to partner with her previous executive coaching client, Christine Tao, to launch the Sounding Board Dynamic Leadership Suite, with the vision of empowering organizations to develop leaders at all levels by eliminating key barriers such as administrative tasks and reducing costs. The Suite combines solution design, adaptive software, people-to-people development, and measurable data and insights.

Lori is also the author of “Leadership Revolution: The Future of Developing Dynamic Leaders.”

Host: Rachel Cooke, COO and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group™

Rachel Cooke is Brandon Hall Group’s Chief Operating Officer and Principal HCM Analyst. She is responsible for business operations, including client and member advisory services, marketing design, annual awards programs, conferences and the company’s project management functions. She also leads Advancing Women in the Workplace and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives, research and events. Rachel worked in the HCM research industry for 20+ years and held several key management and executive positions within the Talent and Learning Research and Performance Improvement industries.

Company Bio:

Sounding Board helps shape the dynamic leaders needed to thrive in today’s turbulent global market. Our Dynamic Leader Development Suite combines solution design, adaptive software, people-to-people development, and proprietary data and insights to drive and scale people strategy. Our award-winning SaaS technology delivers unparalleled flexibility, and our powerhouse roster of world-class coaches leverages decades of leadership and coaching experience to accelerate the development of leaders at all levels.

Sounding Board won Gold in the 2022 Brandon Hall Group™ Excellence in Technology Awards® for Best Advance in Online Coaching Tools.

Social Media Handles: 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sounding-board-labs-inc/
Twitter: @gosoundingboard 
Instagram: @SoundingBoardInc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soundingboardcoaching

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