Excellence at Work Podcast Episode 270: Are Your Employees Actually Learning Anything?

To read the Executive Interview from the podcast with Jeff Walter and David Proegler, download the pdf here: https://go.brandonhall.com/Latiude_EI_270.

Are Your Employees Actually Learning Anything? Lessons from the Experts

In the corporate learning world, there’s one question that keeps learning professionals up at night: Are our employees truly learning and retaining the training we provide? Or are we just wasting resources on “scrap learning” that never sticks?

Join Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group™, sat down with Jeff Walter, CEO of LatitudeLearning, and David Proegler, Senior Managing Principal at LattitudeLearning, for a candid Roundtable discussion on this very topic. They dove into the persistent disconnect between simply delivering training and actually facilitating meaningful learning.

The Difference That Matters

One key issue they explored is the crucial distinction between training and learning. Too often, corporate education feels like checking boxes rather than an engaging experience designed for true skills development. The experts discussed strategies for making training feel purposeful and relevant to employees’ career growth.

Overcoming Technology Obstacles 

Even with great content, outdated learning technology can throw up serious roadblocks. The panelists looked at how clunky, non-intuitive interfaces force employees to circumvent official learning systems entirely in favor of searching Google or calling a co-worker. Building learner-friendly tech is crucial for knowledge retention.

Toward Learner-Centric Education

So what’s the solution? How can learning teams transform their initiatives to be learner-driven rather than top-down? Jeff and David outlined some of LatitudeLearning’s innovative approaches to this challenge. From leveraging AI and open web resources to developing personalized learning pathways, their vision for impactful learning experiences is promising.

Listen to the Full Discussion

Of course, those are just the broad strokes of our thought-provoking conversation. To hear all the insights and strategies we explored for achieving true workforce learning, watch the full Roundtable. Jeff, David and Michael went deep on issues like using accreditations as skills benchmarks, making learning ubiquitous across channels, and more.

Corporate learning is facing a reckoning – merely providing training is no longer enough in today’s highly competitive landscape. Is your organization empowering its employees with relevant skills and knowledge? Or is a lot of learning going to waste? Hear from the experts as they tackle this critical issue head-on.

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