HCMx Radio 136: Transformational and Experiential Learning

Guest: Simon Greany, Chief Learning Officer at Elucidat

Topics and questions include:

  • Insights from Simon’s career
  • Making a real impact
  • People-centered eLearning
  • Rolling out learning at scale
  • Preventing the commoditization of learning
  • Decentralized L&D
  • Engaging with SMEs and responding to change
  • Why every second counts for the modern learner
  • What leaders can do better to develop and retain their best talent
  • Future trends
  • What’s next for Elucidat
  • And more!

We are hosting our 4th annual Women In Leadership Summit. The event will be held on June 10th & 11th at the EAU Palm Beach Resort in Florida. We hope to see you there!

Our annual HCM Excellence Conference is on February 4th-6th 2020.

If you have questions about our discussion today and would like access to our Women In Leadership Network that provides organizational leaders access to our research library on women in leadership and diversity and inclusion topics. please contact me at [email protected] or visit www.brandonhall.com

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