HCMx Radio 15: The Effectiveness of Social Collaborative Learning

Hosts: Rachel Cooke, COO, Brandon Hall Group and Mike Cooke, CEO, Chairman & HCM Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group.

Guest: Robert Burnside, Partner, Chief Learning Officer, Ketchum.

In this episode, we discuss with our guest, Robert Burnside, the effort led by him and his team in designing and implementing a highly effective Social Collaborative Learning Program.  In the past six months Robert has overseen 1600 client facing employees participating in a social engagement online program named “Ketchum 2016: The Race To Make It Real” which teaches how to build campaign leading creative programs that deploy across all web channels, paid, earned, shared and owned. Participants rate each other’s ideas to create a leaderboard of the best ideas.

Ketchum, is one of the largest and most geographically diverse PR agencies in the world, and the leading PR agency in Europe.

Recorded November 9, 2015


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