HCMx Radio 16: The Best Use of Blended Learning

Hosts: Rachel Cooke, COO, Brandon Hall Group and Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer & HCM Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group.

Guests: Gina Lensky, Master Learning Architect, PSCU and Melanie Oliver, Vice President of Learning Solutions, PSCU.

PSCU is leading provider of traditional and online financial services to credit unions nationwide.  During the last year PSCU’s Organizational Capability & Effectiveness department went through a major transition and developed an entirely new business model introducing a highly successful blended learning program.

In this episode, we discuss with our guests, Gina Lensky, and Melanie Oliver, what made their program so successful and the effective tools (Xyleme and Cornerstone OnDemand) they used to enable and support a variety of learning approaches.

Recorded November 20, 2015.


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