HCMx Radio 168: Gamification in Workplace Learning

Guest: Amit Garg, CEO & FounderUpside Learning 

Amit is passionate about improving organizational performance through better learning solutions and has been involved in the workplace learning domain for about two decades. He leads Upside Learning’s consulting practice to support organizations resolve business and training challenges through learning solutions. He also provides the vision and direction to the company and works with key leaders in all functions. 

Upside Learning 

For about 17 years, Upside Learning has consistently delivered best-in-class custom learning solutions to organizations worldwide. Its solutions have always focused on helping customers achieve performance improvements in alignment with larger business goals. Upside Learning understands that training is usually part of a bigger change initiative that are being executed with a cultural environment that’s unique to an organization.  With experience in offering solutions covering Custom eLearning, Mobile Learning, Performance Support Aids, Virtual Instructor-led Training or Game-based learning, Upside Learning provides a broad spectrum of services. 

Upside Learning is a recognized leader in custom eLearning and training outsourcing and has won more than 50 awards, including several Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards. 

Topics include: 

  • What is the gamification of workplace learning?  
  • What is the distinction between games and gamification when it comes to learning? 
  • Structure and content to achieve learner engagement 
  • Why is it so compelling for organizations to consider the gamification of workplace learning? 
  • What elements go into good gamification?  
  • What challenges do organizations face when trying to go on this path? 
  • Examples of gamification 
  • Key strategies for getting started 
  • Insights from Amit’s journey 
  • And more! 

Download – David’s Wentworth’s eBook on Gamification with Upside Learning

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