HCMx Radio 46: Future of Learning: How The World Has Changed

Host: Rachel Cooke, COO, Brandon Hall Group and David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

Guest: Kelly Palmer, Chief Learning Officer, Degreed

The only thing for certain in business today is that change is happening faster and far greater than ever before.  To stay ahead you must be adaptable, forward thinking, innovative and prepared for change at any point in time.   In this episode, we meet with Kelly Palmer the Chief Learning Office of Degreed, to discuss the future of learning.   We talked about her experiences at some of her previous positions and how she is organizing her learning function in her most recent role at Degreed to empower them to be successful and ready for the future of learning.

Topics we covered included:

  • The Overwhelmed learner – Learning as a whole is going through a significant shift – people are learning everywhere and all the time. How do we deal with this as learning professionals?
  • Do engaged employees equal greater performance, if so, how do you cultivate this type of environment? How does technology play a role?
  • Experiential learning is becoming more evident that it plays a prominent role in engagement and impactful results, what elements in learning lead to a great experience?
  • We need effective leaders to drive a learning culture, ability to create transformational strategies, prioritize and executive on key initiatives, and lead people to success – what are the traits that make a great learning leader?

Kelly recently joined the executive team at Degreed as Chief Learning Officer where the mission is to help people embrace lifelong learning and discover and track personalized career development and all learning wherever it happens. Kelly was formerly the Chief Learning Officer of LinkedIn where she was helping employees transform the trajectory of their careers through learning and development, driving the employee experience strategy, as well as leading Inclusion & Diversity for the company.  Before LinkedIn, Kelly was VP of Learning at Yahoo! Kelly has held executive positions in learning, M&A, and product development at Sun Microsystems. She has been featured in Big Think, Forbes, and Chief Learning Officer magazines, and has spoken at industry conferences around the globe. She also sits on the board of the Taproot Foundation whose mission is to lead, mobilize, and engage professionals in pro bono service that drive social change.

To listen to our interview, you can download the podcast anytime at the HCMx Radio site.

               –Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group



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