HCMx Radio 77: Interrelationships Between Talent Management Processes and How Best to Employ Those Processes

Guest: Claude Werder, Vice President of Research Operations and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group.

Host: Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group

In this episode of HCMx Radio, we explore the interrelationship between talent management processes and how best to employ those processes.

Brandon Hall Group’s (BHG) research reveals a common challenge among organizations is how to improve the employee experience. In that regard, we discuss how talent management processes build on each other and intersect and should be viewed from a global perspective. We discuss:

  • The use of technology in performing competency assessments
  • Creating governance structures to collaborate across an enterprise
  • Performance management techniques beyond the “performance rating”
  • Benefits of competency programs

Claude notes the following based on BHG research:

  • Companies that engage employees in the review process through coaching, continuing feedback, and peer-to-peer feedback are having the most impact and positive results. Increased employee participation in the process brings about a dramatic increase in employee engagement and pursuit of development opportunities. This interactive performance development supports internal planning with career management and succession management.
  • Competency programs can provide a solid foundation for talent management processes. They can help attract the right employees and set the stage for both lateral and vertical career management. A competency program must first be instituted with respect to critical jobs in the organization in order to achieve the desired results.

Companies that excel at talent management processes will be honored at BHG’s HCM Excellence Conference, January 31 – February 2 at the PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The success stories, as well as challenges, of these companies will be discussed, and tools will be suggested to jumpstart efforts to move forward in the talent management areas upon which you want to focus.

To listen to the interview, you can download or stream the podcast anytime at the HCMx Radio site.

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