HCMx Radio 81: Teaching Front-Line Personnel: Allison Lagergren on Product Knowledge and Customer Service

Guest: Allison Lagergren, Learning and Development manager at Mercer

Host: Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group


Mercer is a global consulting leader helping clients around the world advance the health, wealth and careers of their most vital asset — their people. They work collaboratively with clients to transform strategy into practical actions that drive results. More than 22,000 Mercer employees work every day to improve the health, wealth and careers of over 110 million people globally.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of simplifying learning for successful customer service; the front-line people must convey vital information clearly and accurately. The best way to achieve this, according to Allison, is by making sure they understand the information thoroughly and can express it in their own words to customers.

Topics include:

  • The importance of personal contact with front-line employees, not just their managers
  • Making certain that training material is clear, actionable and makes sense
  • Observing employees as they perform their tasks
  • Practicing interactions between employees and customers
  • Providing real-time feedback
  • Ensuring the desired results are achieved in every interaction

We also talk about the recent Excellence Conference as Allison shares some personal insights and more.


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