HCMx Radio 89: Hiring Practices and Internal Mobility

GuestDaria Friedman, Brandon Hall Group‘s principal analyst overseeing the talent acquisition practice. Previously, Daria led the research practice for Bernard Hodes Group, a recruitment solutions agency, and Findly, a talent acquisition software service provider.


HostRachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group


Topics include:

  • How can organizations improve their hiring practices?
  • Hiring practices and internal mobility; how are they related?
  • Skill sets and organizational fits
  • The longer-term view of key talent needs
  • Hiring manager and recruiter alignment on job requirements
  • Structured, behavior-based interviews
  • Improving brand messaging
  • Strengthening candidate communications
  • Using technology to make the process more efficient, effective and engaging/dynamic.
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • How do organizations use predictive analytics to improve hiring
  • And more !

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