Reimagining Learning in a Fast-Changing and Connected World

It’s a fascinating, exciting, and perhaps even frightening time for many organizations. The convergence of technology advancement and the volatility of the past few years has created an environment where thinking ahead to the next three, five, or ten years has become critical, yet fraught with complexity. Businesses have been relying heavily on L&D to help drive big and rapid changes to meet these impending challenges, yet many are struggling to meet yesterday’s needs. Just 37% of companies in Brandon Hall Group’s Transforming Learning for the Future of Work study say their learning approach is strongly positioning them to meet future of work needs.

Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice® Gold Preferred Provider BTS knows that change is the new normal. Organizations must continuously invest in their talent, intentionally shape the culture, and adapt their strategy to adapt swiftly to a rapidly changing world, and they have helped their clients do just that. Their approach is to help organizations create a path to learning that meets employees where they are, and gives them access to exactly what they need when they need it. It takes a robust and flexible technology environment to build an agile learning culture where an organization can grow, develop, and retain the talent they need, regardless of scale.

A critical part of what makes BTS’s clients successful is the recognition that things have changed, and traditional learning models simply will not work. They have fallen short in the past, and the gap between what they can deliver and what the business needs widens by the day. Organizations need a flexible, personalized learning environment that meets learners where they are and supports their growth, development, and performance. At the same time, L&D is expected to deliver higher-level skills like emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and more. This is what BTS helped their client eBay create and deliver.

With help from BTS, eBay reimagined its Leadership development program to be much more personal and impactful. In fact, eBay actually stopped using and divested from older solutions that were not delivering results, which is a difficult first step for many organizations. From there, it was a matter of developing a new strategy, a mandate for moving forward, and a framework to make it happen. To learn more about eBay’s journey, watch a recording of the recent webinar Brandon Hall Group hosted with them and BTS. It explores how eBay flipped its thinking on learning and leadership development to focus more on the learners and the optimal outcomes.

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