Relationships and the Art of Being Social

With Valentine’s Day just behind us and spring just ahead, I wanted to talk about relationships. Well, maybe not that kind of relationship, but rather the relationships that exist within your company’s learning ecosystem. In an ecosystem, each piece — whether living or non-living — is either directly or indirectly dependent on the others. The same is true for today’s most effective learning functions, where the relationships between the learners, the instructors, the content, the technology, etc., are recognized and leveraged to get the most out of each.

This week Brandon Hall Group launched our Relationship Centered Learning Study. The study looks at organizations that are beginning to embrace this next step in the evolution of enterprise learning.

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These types of relationships are not new, but technology has come to a point where these relationships can reach their full potential. If you look at the graphic above, the shift in learning styles follows the advance of technology that enabled it. Today, advances in bandwidth, mobile and social technologies make it possible today to create an ecosystem than can meet the learning needs of just about every type of learner.

An organization can have traditional classroom training, deliver it virtually across the globe, have learners follow-up the course on a social platform, and deliver performance support at the time of need via mobile device. The trick is recognizes which technology fits the content and matches the audience, but companies that can leverage these tools to maximize the learning relationships get more bang for their learning buck.

We are in an exciting time when it comes to learning technology and there are solutions to meet just about any need and budget. Check out the Relationship Centered Learning Executive Summary or view the slide presentation from our webinar to learn more about these types of companies and what steps your organization might take to continue the evolution.

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