Research Highlights Feb. 10-16: Two Major Reports and Much More

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on UnsplashAt the recent Brandon Hall Group Excellence Conference in Florida, we released two major reports: the HCM Outlook 2020 book and the 2020 Women in Leadership Magazine. In addition, our analysts developed tools for conference breakout sessions on learning experience, employee engagement and talent management. These assets, plus many technology reviews from the 2019 Excellence in Technology Awards, were posted to the Member Center during the week of Feb. 10.

HCM Strategy

HCM Outlook 2020: The Future of the Employee Experience

Women in Leadership Magazine 2020

Learning & Development


Foundations of a Learning Strategy

Benchmark Your Organization’s Learning Experience

Technology Reviews

Learning Tribes’ Edflex for Business Customizes Content to an Employee’s Evolving Learning Needs

ExpertusONE Digital Learning Platform Pushes Content to Learner

PGA Tour Shotlink Optimizes Volunteer Training Through Mobile Delivery

Lemonade’s Game-Based Microlearning Delivers Measurable Training in Less Time

Haufe’s Learning Experience Platform Creates Agile Skill Development, Self-Organized Learning

Absorb Infuse’s Contextual Learning Experiences Delivers Personalized Training at Moment of Need

HurixDigital’s KITABOO Lets Organizations Create Secure Digital Content with DRM Protection

Underwriters Laboratories’ LMS with New Video Content Tracking Creates Unique Experiences

Thought Industries’ Learning Business Platform Increases Customer Retention, Drives Revenue

Siemens Heallthineers’ PEPconnect, PEPconnections Make Continuing Education Processes More Efficient

C2Technologies’ NATO Policy for the Protection of Civilians Uses VR to Simulate Wartime Scenarios

Mursion Combines Virtual Reality, Live Interaction for Learning Essential Skills in the Workplace

Fractal Learning’s Experience Platform, FractalLXP, Provides Mobile-First, Consumer-Grade UX

Synapse Automates, Streamlines Instructional Design Process

Tipping Point Media’s VR Suite for AbbVie Makes Arthritis Pain As Real as Possible

Sysmex Uses VILT to Increase Training on Blood, Body Fluid Analyzer

Skillsoft Certitude Enables Enhanced, Flexible Compliance Programs

Brainier’s Multi-Tenant SaaS Learning Platform Helps Large Organizations Engage Learners

Talent Management


Organizational Assessment on Talent Management Readiness

Technology Reviews

The Predictive Index’s Design Solution Aligns Talent Strategy with Business Strategy

Skyline Group’s C4X Platform Provides Comprehensive Coaching, Measurement

Accenture’s Detailed Talent Modeling Updates Hiring Plans Based on ‘Business Event’ Triggers

IBM Watson Career Coach Uses AI to Personalize Career Advice, Encourage Internal Mobility

HealthcareSource Staff Assessment Boosts Candidate Selection, Employee Development

Fuel50 Shows Employees Their Paths to Goals

Talent Acquisition

Technology Reviews

Survale’s Talent Feedback Platform Uses Metrics to Optimize Management of Candidate Experience

Workforce Management

Technology Reviews

GoCo Cuts New-Hire Onboarding From Weeks to Minutes

Benefit Focus’ BenefitSAIGE Provides Advanced Analytics on Health Plan Usage, Claims Data

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