Selling the Brand: Partner and Reseller Training

In Brandon Hall Group’s recent study, COVID-19: Impact on Workplace Practices, 84% of companies say that the pandemic negatively impacted sales effectiveness to at least some degree. However, the good news is that 63% of companies have an optimistic outlook for sales effectiveness for the year ahead. Sales training and enablement programs are going to be critical to delivering on that optimism.

But for many organizations, it is not as simple as turning to the sales team and giving them some training. Very often, the sales of a company’s products and services occur through a network of resellers and partners who do not work directly for the company and typically sell products from other, competing companies. This makes properly training these external audiences both critical and challenging.

If a salesperson can sell two competing products, they are going to feel much more confident speaking to and selling the product they know better. By providing your partner network with world-class product training, you arm them with the insight and knowledge they need to put your products on top.

Because they don’t work for your company, the learning experiences you provide must be much more engaging and impactful to drive adoption. It is also important to create a branded experience that is easy for the learner to navigate. By extending its brand, vision and mission to partner training, a company can build its business, not just its products.

Brandon Hall Group Platinum Preferred Provider Adobe recognizes the unique use case these training environments present and assembled a set of tools to make it easier for companies to create and deliver consistent, engaging and impactful learning experiences for partners and resellers. Adobe Captivate Prime provides companies the ability to create branded learning experiences for dispersed, extended audiences. This means that partners and resellers are constantly brand-aware and equipped with the knowledge they need to successfully sell your products and services.

For a more in-depth look at the challenges and benefits of partner and reseller training, download the eBook here

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