Simplifying the Complex: Skillsoft Percipio for Microsoft Teams

Employers have been trying to crack the code on delivering learning in the flow of work for some time now. It can be extremely challenging to bring the right learning to people when, where, and how they are working. Much of the dialogue on learning in the flow of work has centered on the individual, but this needs to evolve. It turns out, rather unsurprisingly, that the majority of the work that gets done is accomplished by teams.

According to Brandon Hall Group research:

  • At least half of work happens through teams in 77% of organizations 
  • The volume of teamwork is expected to increase in 65% of organizations, 

This makes sense. From digital transformations to cultural transformations, the large-scale initiatives organizations are prioritizing require bringing together talented people from diverse backgrounds who each offer something unique to the project at hand. So, it’s safe to say that if we want to deliver learning to people where they are working, we need to look at team-based learning experiences that allow them to build, share, and apply knowledge together.

But teams come in many different shapes and forms. There are self-managed teams, functional work teams, cross-functional teams, trouble-shooting task forces, and project teams, to name just a few. They can exist in person, virtually, or as a hybrid. How do you deliver learning in the flow of work in all those situations? 

Skillsoft  answers that question with the Skillsoft Percipio app for Microsoft Teams. It provides the full functionality of Skillsoft’s Percipio learning platform and multi-modal content library within Microsoft Teams’ social, collaborative environment.

The app drives learning adoption by enabling easy access to the full suite of Percipio capabilities (learning paths, assignments, playlists, AI-driven recommendations, etc.) in a platform that everyone is already using – Microsoft Teams. Managers can drive team-based learning by creating groups, recommending learning to the team, and facilitating discussion among team members. Organizations can create a cohort of learners using native features of Microsoft Teams — Chat, Teams, and Channels for reskilling and upskilling. For example, they may add a custom tab to embed or “pin” specific learning into a team’s channel. 

Building effective teams isn’t easy. Team members must be able to share ideas and opinions and disagree without being disagreeable. Team leaders must lead without top-down management that chokes innovation. Those competencies don’t come naturally to many people, so high-performing teams are often a work in progress. A lack of connection, communication, or collaboration only makes it that much harder. And when you factor in the digitally disbursed nature of today’s workforce, tools that support meaningful virtual interaction are made all the more crucial in restoring a sense of community among the team.

With the Percipio app for Teams, organizations and their employees can conveniently access a variety of content to learn in ways that make sense for individuals and helps contribute to personal and professional growth. For example:

  • Every employee using the Percipio app for Teams can learn in the format, schedule, and structure that’s right for them. After finding the skills they need using the chatbot, learners can launch videos, books, audiobooks, hands-on practice labs — whatever their jobs call for at that moment. 
  • Team leaders can create virtual learning groups, recommend content, and assign learning paths — and then open the floor to discussion to help employees absorb what they have learned.
  • Learning can be pinned inside project team sites (in a learning tab) so that all the members of that team can see which learning is required or recommended for team members. 

The Percipio app for Teams drives user adoption because learning happens in the flow of work, making learning a seamless experience with day-to-day activities. The chatbot functionality supports just-in-time learning by making it easy for learners to find the content they require at their point of need. By promoting socialization and collaboration, learners can quickly share their knowledge with peers to immediately impact their ability to perform their job.

Managers can be more involved with learning than ever before with access to learning paths, assignments, playlists, and other learning content they can easily recommend to their team. Managers can promote and support role- or skill-based learning paths and offer certifications and digital badges for completion of the paths. The social features enable them to fully collaborate and socialize with team members while they travel along their learning journey.

The Percipio app for Teams can be quickly installed and can be accessed through the Microsoft Teams app store. The app will sync with the rest of Percipio, providing the opportunity to see learning where it’s happening, while allowing learning to be resumed anywhere, anytime. All learner activity can be easily tracked and reported. 

With one-click access to the entire Percipio site through MS Teams, learners can access content, including custom Aspire Journeys and Channels, assignments, and recommendations. Content can also be personalized through selecting a variety of languages.

The Percipio app for Teams creates a flexible environment for people to work together and learn effectively in any situation that arises. There are many problems teams must solve – not the least of which is collaborating effectively. This app removes several barriers that can impede success. It is an accelerator of effective, impactful work in the emerging era of teams.

-David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

-Claude Werder, Senior VP and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

-Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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