Skillsoft Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

 By Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

The learning and talent-management industry has been on a fast-track evolutionary path over the past several years. New and different approaches to learning and developing people are exploding, and the use of technology to support these approaches has seen unprecedented development. But did it happen overnight or was there a steady build over the past two decades?

Skillsoft has been there from the beginning.

Twenty years ago, Skillsoft started shipping CD-ROMs and manuals for Microsoft training and has evolved into a market leader in learning and talent development. Skillsoft worked diligently to reinvent itself to remain highly relevant. Whether it is product strategy, M&A activity or client-engagement processes, Skillsoft devotes considerable resources to providing the very best for its clients.

Skillsoft’s commitment to learning and talent development evolved into a four-part content strategy: Leadership and Business, Technology and Developer, Compliance, and Collaboration and Productivity tools. Integrated content strategy was based on Skillsoft’s extensive research efforts into understanding the link between individual learning and business performance.

Especially over the last three years, Skillsoft worked tirelessly to identify and capitalize on innovations across their organization. From the reimagining of how to develop highly impactful content to the reinvention of their learning technology into a learner experience platform concept, Skillsoft leveraged everything they learned over the past two decades. The company has made every effort to incorporate the changing conditions of corporate learning into their products and services. The result is an integrated learning content and technology strategy that established Skillsoft as a leading provider in that space.

Skillsoft continues to keep an ear to the rail and is now working on understanding the relationship between learning and the flow of life. They are now focused on providing great learning anywhere and anytime the learner needs it. Learning doesn’t just happen at work. Skillsoft is working on a new set of products and services to improve access to modern, impactful learning at the learner’s moment of need. Skillsoft has wrung out every drop of market insight it could along its twenty-year journey. It will be no surprise to anyone that their strong work ethic and commitment to excellence will endure into the next twenty years.

Michael Rochelle @MichaelRochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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