TalentQuest: Positioning Organizations
to Optimize Talent


TalentQuest is a leading provider of talent management solutions that help organizations identify, develop and retain top talent.

Attracting and retaining top performers is crucial for business success. Yet, traditional talent management methods often lack the data-driven insights and personalized approach needed to optimize the employee lifecycle. TalentQuest offers a talent management platform powered by behavioral science and AI.

Based on an analyst briefing with Brandon Hall Group™, TalentQuest addresses this challenge by providing a platform that empowers organizations to hire, develop and retain top talent through a data-driven and personalized approach.

Key Highlights of TalentQuest’s AI-Powered Platform:

  • Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments: TalentQuest utilizes behavioral and cognitive assessments to gain deep insights into candidate potential, work styles, and cultural fit. This promotes a more objective and predictive hiring process, leading to better talent selection.
  • AI-Powered Talent Matching: TalentQuest’s AI engine analyzes assessment data and matches candidates to the most suitable roles within your organization. reduces the risk of mismatched skills.
  • Personalized Learning & Development: TalentQuest provides a personalized learning path for each employee, aligned with their unique strengths and development needs. This empowers skill growth, boosts employee engagement, and fosters a culture of continuous learning.
  • Performance Management and Feedback: The platform provides a performance management system with real-time feedback tools. This facilitates ongoing performance improvement, goal setting and clear communication between managers and employees.
  • Talent Pipelining and Succession Planning: TalentQuest helps organizations identify high-potential employees and build a strong talent pipeline for future leadership roles.

By providing a data-driven platform for talent management, TalentQuest is empowering organizations to make better people decisions and optimize their talent for success. We believe TalentQuest is well-positioned to help organizations build the workforce they need to thrive in the future of work.

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Claude Werder



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Claude Werder

Claude J. Werder Senior Vice President and Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group Claude Werder runs Brandon Hall Group’s Talent Management, Leadership Development and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) practices. His specific areas of focus include how organizations must transform culturally and strategically to meet the needs of the emerging workforce and workplace. Claude develops insights and solutions on employee experience, leadership, coaching, talent development, assessments, culture, DE&I, and other topics to help members and clients make talent development a competitive business advantage now and in the evolving future of work. Before joining Brandon Hall Group in 2012, Claude was an HR consultant and also spent more than 25 years as an executive and people leader for media and news organizations. This included a decade as the producer of the HR Technology Conference and Expo. He helped transform it from a small event to the world’s largest HR technology conference. Claude is a judge for the global Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards and Excellence in Technology Awards, contributes to the company’s HCM certification programs, and produces the firm’s annual HCM Excellence Conference. He is also a certified executive and leadership coach. He lives in Boynton Beach, FL.

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