Thinking Critically About Content Creation

Do you realize how important content really is? Organizations are continuing to discover that content needs to be developed critically and managed effectively before content is delivered to the intended audience.

But how do organizations think critically about their learning and development processes and what drives effective content creation and then effective learning?

At Brandon Hall Group our awards program involves judging programs and giving awards based on the effectiveness of learning programs. For our custom content entries we consider navigation issues, how effectively the content is presented, whether or not the media selected effectively supports learning, the interactivity of a program, and whether or not the program supports the learning objectives declared at the beginning of the course.

As learning professionals we know that the first question should be how does the content fulfill your learning objectives? What’s my learning objective, and what content goes with that, and who your SME’s will be. Some questions to consider when you are developing content for your learning audience include:

  • What content do you already have?
  • What relationship does that content have to other content?
  • What is the value proposition of each piece of content?
  • How will your learners want to access your content?
  • How will you measure success of each content element?
  • What is your mechanism for getting feedback on the content?
  • Who will be responsible for the upkeep?
  • What is your update schedule?
  • Can you repurpose your content for a different audience?

There are a lot of things to think about when you’re considering content creation. Thinking critically about your content and its ability to make sure it reaches all of the people who can use it best to meet personal and business goals is a skill.  If you want to learn more about how to unlock critical thinking to unleash organizational performance join Brandon Hall Group Senior Analyst David Wentworth and Judy Chartrand, PhD, a Consulting Chief Scientist at TalentLens for their upcoming webinar where they will discuss how to approach problems and decisions with the right mindset.

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