Tovuti LMS: Learning Management
with Flexibility and Innovation


Founded in 2017 with a mission to prove that career advancement through gamified and adaptable learning is possible, Tovuti has quickly become a formidable competitor that you’ve never heard of.

Part of what sets Tovuti LMS apart is its ability to seamlessly support internal and external use cases, ecommerce models and AI-driven course creation. All work easily “out of the box.” Here are some of the most notable differentiators:

  • Configurability: From the design of the user interface to the structure of courses, administrators can tailor the platform to meet their organization’s specific needs.
  • Seamless User Experience: Built more like a web platform with an LMS tied to it, Tovuti provides a seamless experience for both logged-in and logged-out users. This includes the ability to create custom landing pages, intranet/extranet functionality and e-commerce capabilities.
  • Advanced Role-Based Permissions: Tovuti’s sophisticated roles and permissions system allows for granular control over user access and content visibility.
  • Innovative Team Lead Dashboard: This feature enables decentralized management, allowing team leaders to monitor their team’s progress in real-time without needing full admin access.
  • Comprehensive Course Authoring Tools: With over 50 different interactive activities available, course creators can build engaging content directly within the platform, reducing reliance on external authoring tools.
  • AI-Powered Content Creation: Tovuti’s AI tool, Dizzy, can generate comprehensive course content, including interactive elements and assessments, in minutes.
  • Robust Analytics and Reporting: Custom dashboard builders and report generators provide deep insights into learner progress and course effectiveness.
  • Zapier Integration: With over 100 triggers and actions available, Tovuti offers unparalleled integration capabilities, allowing for complex automations and workflows.


Value Proposition

Tovuti LMS delivers exceptional value by addressing the needs of both administrators and learners, resulting in impressive outcomes for organizations. With one major client reporting a 94% completion rate across nearly 300 courses and 1.4 million completed activities, Tovuti demonstrates its ability to enhance learning engagement and efficacy. The platform’s AI-powered content creation tool allows instructional designers to build comprehensive courses in minutes, significantly reducing development time and costs.

Tovuti’s flexible architecture ensures scalability, accommodating organizations of all sizes. By incorporating built-in authoring tools and user-friendly admin interfaces, Tovuti reduces the total cost of ownership by minimizing the need for additional software licenses and extensive training. Furthermore, the platform’s focus on gamification, interactive content, and social learning features keeps learners motivated and actively engaged in their learning journey, leading to improved knowledge retention and skill development.

As learning and development continue to evolve, Tovuti LMS is positioned at the forefront, ready to meet the changing needs of organizations and learners alike. With its unique blend of flexibility, innovation, and user-centric design, Tovuti is not just another LMS – it’s a comprehensive learning experience platform that’s reshaping the future of corporate learning.

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Matt Pittman

Matt Pittman brings nearly 30 years of experience developing people and teams in a variety of settings and organizations. As an HR Practitioner, he has sat in nearly every seat including Learning and Leadership Development, Talent Management and Succession Planning, Talent Acquisition and as a Human Resources Business Partner. A significant part of those roles involved building out functions in organizations and driving large scale change efforts. As a Principal Analyst, Matt leverages this in-depth experience and expertise to provide clients and providers with breakthrough insights and ideas to drive their business forward.

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