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The overarching theme for businesses over the past few years has been clear: We need skills. Companies are shifting entire strategies in an effort to add new skills as well as upskill and reskill the existing workforce. The kinds of skills they are after are what they would consider “critical” skills — the skills that make the entire workforce more agile, innovative and resilient. These include:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Critical thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Valuing Diversity

And while organizations agree they need to develop these skills and more, many are challenged by just how to do that. These skills do not always translate well in a classroom setting. Simply reading about them isn’t enough, either. A critical element when it comes to upskilling and reskilling is giving learners the ability to practice and apply the skills they have gained in a learning program. Brandon Hall Group Research shows that companies that provide opportunities to practice and apply knowledge, as well as methods to reinforce learning have much more impactful learning approaches. 

To help companies create these kinds of effective learning experiences, Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice® Silver Preferred Provider OpenSesame now offers Blended Learning Collections, powered by [email protected]. The basis for the courses in these collections are dynamic TED talks from a trusted brand known to engage learners. These TED talks are paired with TED’s Ideas into Action framework, which guides learners in reflection and practical application. The courses in each collection have been specifically curated to align with crucial business objectives, including resilience, collaboration, diversity and hybrid work. Learners can take the courses on their own and use the Ideas into Action framework to reflect on the main idea and apply it to a real-world problem in their personal or work life. Each collection also includes a Discuss Anywhere Kit: resources and a framework anyone in the organization can use to lead a group learning experience with a TED course. The resources include a facilitator guide and a customizable presentation for group learning.

With TED Blended Learning Collections, businesses have all of the tools they need to create a powerful learning experience, where learners will retain the knowledge and continue to apply it in their work. Organizations that have utilized the Blended Learning Collections have reported numerous immediate benefits, including:      

  • A complete, targeted learning path with minimal effort from L&D. Each collection includes 20 pre-curated courses aligned with specific skills, meaning learners are getting the material they need.
  • Insights from a known, respected third-party source. Many of these skills tackle sensitive subjects. Utilizing material from outside experts reduces the burden on leaders, managers and coaches.
  • An emphasis on discussion and collaboration, both critical elements of learning. The courses are designed to promote behavior and culture change by democratizing and scaling group discussion, support resilience and help retain talent.

OpenSesame’s Blended Learning Collections are a unique approach to tackling the kind of skills that are both the most critical for businesses, and the most difficult to properly develop. To learn more and experience the power of TED learning you can book a demo here.

David Wentworth, Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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