Understanding Customer’s Business Outcomes: A Buyer’s Side Perspective

In a recent study, our findings indicate that in order for businesses to have a cutting edge, their sales organizations must raise their level of business acumen to compete in today’s market.  Organizations that invest in developing these skills are realizing measurable results.  Training programs that focus on developing competencies that enable sales and marketing teams to understand their customer’s business model and share responsibility for business outcomes are essential to sales growth.  We call this a “buyer’s side perspective”.
Brandon Hall invites you to join Chief Consultant and Analyst, Michael Rochelle, and Jim Melillo, Co-Founder and Chairman of Executive Conversation, for a thought provoking webinar entitled: Readying Sales Organizations to Sell Business Outcomes.  This informative webinar will be presented on Thursday, August 25 at 11:30 a.m. Eastern.

Participants will learn more about a buyer’s side perspective and how to understand business decision-makers and how to share business solutions that will change the way they do business.  This webinar will focus on how to better understand your customer’s business goals and measure success the way customers do.

This week’s webinar will present our research findings which validate a set of competencies designed to drive the requisite behavioral changes necessary to elevate an organization’s ability to become valued business partners with their customers.  All attendees will receive a complimentary white paper, Essential Selling Competencies: The Buyers Side Perspective.

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