Why You Should Attend the MTMImpact Symposium in New Orleans

The world of work as we knew it before 2020 will never return. In fact, the current state of work as you read this will continuously change in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

That means the employee experience will also evolve, which requires HR and L&D to continuously assess and glean critical insights in order to hire, develop and retain talent to drive organizational success.

Explorance, a leader of people insight solutions and owner of Metrics That Matter (MTM), understands the need for continuous evolution and sponsors a great forum for learning and sharing, the MTMImpact Symposium, March 1-3 in New Orleans.

I am privileged to be a panelist for Future Talent Imperatives: Identifying & Closing Skill Gaps to Build Workforce Readiness, along with Jessica Morris of Clarkston Consulting and Meghan Spuler of Eckerd ConnectsShawn Overcast of Explorance is the moderator for this session on the afternoon of March 2. It will be a great discussion, but just a small part of a highly actionable, jam-packed program. It starts with pre-conference workshops on March 1 and continues with a wide variety of breakouts and panels until noon on Friday, March 3.

This conference is laser-focused on the strategies organizations should use to accelerate employee growth and organizational agility. Brandon Hall Group’s research shows that employers believe they must change course in many areas to succeed in the future of work. More than 60% of organizations responding to our HCM Outlook 2023 study said they must:

  • Accelerate reskilling of employees
  • Improve the employee work experience
  • Redefine the culture of work
  • Reimagine recruitment
  • Reimagine career development
  • Reimagine motivating employees
  • Reinvest in well-being
  • Accelerate leadership development

That degree of change cannot be done in a vacuum. Before organizations take action, they must understand the current state of the workforce and what employees want and need. That requires tools and strategies driven by technology. At MTMImpact, you will gain many perspectives on how to accomplish this, including:

  • Implementing 360 evaluations successfully
  • The evolution of learning in the workplace
  • What data reveals about the impact managers have on employee performance
  • Improving employee engagement surveys

Those are just a few of the sessions that will help you drive future success. So, make plans to attend MTMImpact to gain a fresh perspective and exposure to new tools. See you there!

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