You May Be Ready to Monetize Your Content
— But is Your LMS?

Your organization has built up a collection of digital learning content that you know learners out there will pay good money to get. Additionally, other companies have contacted you and are asking if they can resell your content to their customers.

So, what’s holding you back? It may very well be your Learning Management System (LMS).

Of course, a LMS is the go-to technology to distribute digital learning content. But when your goal is to sell content, a whole new collection of capabilities comes into play:

  • eCommerce — First and foremost, you’ll need a robust eCommerce capability that allows completely secure customer payment transactions using a broad range of payment types (credit cards, checks, purchase orders, wire transfers, PayPal, Stripe, etc.). And, if you sell across national borders, you will need to offer all this payment flexibility across multiple currencies and multiple taxation requirements. Customers should have access to shopping cart functionality that is easy to use and allows them to quickly search and select from your content offerings and leave their recommendations on content they’ve already tried. Advanced content sellers may need the added flexibility to offer more exotic payment options such as recurrent billing models, tiered pricing models, coupons, discount codes, and targeted pricing based on preset user profile parameters.
  • Branding — A critical requirement for business-to-business-to-customer (B2B2C) clients is the ability to offer your content under their branding, perhaps with unique pricing, Without this feature, direct B2B2C content sales are simply impossible or would require prohibitively expensive customization.
  • Library Creation — Creating and organizing a library of saleable courses and learning content should be an easy lift for your content administrator. Strictly speaking, you don’t need the capability to create content directly in your LMS, but if you have that functionality, it can really help to streamline the process and eliminates the requirement to upload content into the LMS and test it.
  • Social Learning — Lastly, monetized content can be promoted through LMS-integrated social communities with customers offering recommendations that might spark the interest of potential buyers. Social learning can add an extra layer of engagement to your content offerings.

Based on Brandon Hall Group™ data from a recent Extended Enterprise Learning study, when asked which technology characteristics are important to support extended enterprise learning, 52% said being able to provide a branded experience, 48% said being able to supply a social platform, 48% also cited data security and 35% selected eCommerce capabilities. Accordingly, these capabilities are highly sought after by organizations looking to distribute and monetize their learning content.

Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice® Gold Preferred Provider Absorb LMS Software offers a full-featured LMS solution specifically designed to handle the complexities of extended enterprise learning. They offer a fully integrated eCommerce shopping cart that comes standard with every installation and provide built-in integration to over 70 different payment gateways.

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Matt Pittman

Matt Pittman brings nearly 30 years of experience developing people and teams in a variety of settings and organizations. As an HR Practitioner, he has sat in nearly every seat including Learning and Leadership Development, Talent Management and Succession Planning, Talent Acquisition and as a Human Resources Business Partner. A significant part of those roles involved building out functions in organizations and driving large scale change efforts. As a Principal Analyst, Matt leverages this in-depth experience and expertise to provide clients and providers with breakthrough insights and ideas to drive their business forward.

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