Your Invitation to Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 HCM Outlook Study

I’ve said for a long time that no business plan should be put in place without a talent plan to support it. But a “talent plan” can be a tall order. Brandon Hall Group’s soon-to-be-published High Performance HCM Framework lays out the many facets of both workforce and talent management that make up a great HCM practice. Hiring, developing, retaining, engaging, deploying, measuring your workforce –– there is a lot that goes into great HCM! But given all these elements, and the strategies, processes, and technologies supporting them, where is an HR leader to start?

That question is at the core of our new 2015 HCM Outlook Study. The research is designed to help practitioners and solution providers alike understand which elements of HCM are priorities for the coming year, how organizations measure the business impact of their HCM processes and technologies, and what differentiates top performing companies. The outcomes of the study will not only inform the community, but help shape the research we do throughout the year.

But we need your help. Talent may make the world go ‘round, but data is what makes research go ‘round. So tell us what you think. If you know about talent management, talent acquisition, performance management, leadership development, succession management, HCM technology, learning, or workforce management, take the survey today. It won’t take much time – there are only 16 questions, including your contact info, so it’s quick and painless. We’ll send you an infographic of the key findings once data collection is complete, and give you free access to our High Performance Talent Management Framework report right after you take the survey. So tell us how talent makes your world go ‘round, and inform the outlook for 2015.

Mollie Lombardi, VP and Principal Analyst,
Workforce Management, Brandon Hall Group

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