A Workforce On the Move

In a workforce that is constantly on the move, learning must be mobile. Learning, while once thought of as a classroom setting and generally a textbook experience, has evolved into a fast paced, quick, click-and-learn environment. Mobile learning is interwoven into our daily and work life. With these changes come the perfect opportunity for widespread connection and collaborative activity.

With the explosive growth of mobile device use, how do organizations go about delivering mobile learning that is effective and well received? What content lends itself to mobile delivery, and how must content developers think and design differently?

Join Scot Lake, Sr. Analyst for Brandon Hall Group, and Chris Van Wingerden, of dominKnow Learning Solutions, as they discuss the end-to-end process for designing and developing the most effective mobile learning experiences for today’s connected workforce.

Key take always include:

  • Identifying opportunities where mobile instruction is most likely to succeed
  • Best practices for structuring content to the needs of mobile learners
  • Strategies for content development for mobile devices — smartphones and tablets

This informative webinar: Meeting the Mobile Need: Strategies for Developing Meaningful Mobile Content is scheduled for Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 1 pm EST. Register today!

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