Bites: Facilitating Mobile Training for Frontline Staff


Organizations that are dependent on frontline or so-called deskless staff often struggle with finding ways to digitize their learning needs in a way that’s scalable, relevant and most importantly, delivers results. This is the space where Bites excels. Bites is an AI-powered microlearning platform that allows businesses to create, manage and share content for frontline staff that’s delivered in the communications channels they’re already using.

Based on an analyst briefing with Brandon Hall Group™, Bites is particularly well-positioned to address the challenge of digital learning for frontline staff. Some of the highlights include:

  • Focus on microlearning: Bites’ core principle of microlearning caters to the needs of today’s busy workforce with short attention spans.
  • Content creation tools: Bites empowers businesses to create custom training content specific to their industry and requirements.
  • Content library: In addition to custom content creation, Bites offers a library of pre-made training modules, saving businesses time and resources.
  • Delivery and tracking features: Bites’ ability to deliver training materials and track employee progress facilitates efficient training management.
  • Focus on frontline staff: Bites specifically targets the training needs of frontline staff, an underserved market compared to general employee training platforms.
  • Ease of use: Bites claims to be an easy-to-use platform, allowing businesses to quickly create and deploy training materials without extensive technical expertise.
  • Mobile-first design: In today’s mobile-centric world, Bites’ focus on mobile-friendly learning materials could be a significant advantage.

Bites makes training simple, scalable and highly effective for a modern workforce. A quick read of the brands they are serving shows the results they are delivering in knowledge retention, increased engagement and increased employee performance, all while reducing training costs.

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Matt Pittman



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Matt Pittman

Matt Pittman brings nearly 30 years of experience developing people and teams in a variety of settings and organizations. As an HR Practitioner, he has sat in nearly every seat including Learning and Leadership Development, Talent Management and Succession Planning, Talent Acquisition and as a Human Resources Business Partner. A significant part of those roles involved building out functions in organizations and driving large scale change efforts. As a Principal Analyst, Matt leverages this in-depth experience and expertise to provide clients and providers with breakthrough insights and ideas to drive their business forward.

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