BizUnite and BlueVolt Team Up to Launch BizU

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Comprehensive Online Training Program Designed for Small Businesses and  Cooperatives

PORTLAND, Ore. (PRWEB) June 06, 2012- BlueVolt (,  the leading provider of online Learning Management Systems (LMS) for the  distribution, manufacturing and service industries, and BizUnite partnered to  create a comprehensive online training program for BizUnite members (small  businesses and cooperatives). The training program includes customized content,  product training, hiring solutions, business consultation and field-based  training that will increase both member and supplier performance and sales.

BizUnite, a division of CCA Global Partners, works to unite independent  businesses worldwide to lower costs while increasing profitability. CCA Global  Partners is one of the largest cooperatives in the United States, with 14  independent businesses in four countries and over 3,600 locations. The company  develops programs and services that lower the costs of doing business, enabling  small businesses to compete with larger competitors.

BizU uses BlueVolt’s unique, easy-to-use LMS to help members create and  manage training programs that bridge the gap between product manufacturers and  the people who are most important to the success of their products including:  sales professionals, administrative staff, distributors and more. The platform  channels the power of online training, allowing BizU participants to reduce  operating budgets, create performance incentives, enhance workplace moral and  increase revenue.

BizU, powered by BlueVolt, brings results-oriented, customized training  systems to businesses seeking a better way to train employees, clients and  organizational members. To further ensure successful training, BizUnite helps  businesses develop dynamic content

“Our goal has always been to provide the essential tools for businesses to  succeed,” said William Gauthier, with BizUnite. “Our partnership with BlueVolt  to launch the BizU program allows members to have their webcasts, training  courses and marketing tools available at the click of a button, at any time,  from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s truly a comprehensive training  program that will help boost sales and streamline all training efforts.”

“When building our LMS, we spent hundreds of hours with our customers,  finding out what they wanted and needed from their training programs,” said  Sharon Dunigan, National Accounts Manager at BlueVolt. “This resulted in a  user-friendly platform that seamlessly spans industries and vertical channels,  making it the perfect choice for BizUnite and CCA Global Partners’ wide array of  customers.”

About BlueVolt
Portland, Oregon-based BlueVolt is the leading provider of  online Learning Management Systems (LMS) for the manufacturing, construction and  service industries. BlueVolt’s LMS for the extended enterprise delivers  easy-to-use training across an entire company and its suppliers, sales channel,  associations and customers. The LMS delivers affordable training, verifies  knowledge and reports results all in one place. BlueVolt’s unique approach to  online training encourages learning with its proven reward program that is  valuable to those offering and participating in learning. As of May 2012,  BlueVolt has delivered over 1,280,000 courses to over 215,000 registered users.  BlueVolt has won a Gold Excellence in Technology award from Brandon Hall, a  Learning Leader award from Bersin & Associates for Vendor Innovation in  Learning and Talent Management and also was named to the  Learning Portal Companies Watch List for its innovative approach to learning.  For more information, visit

About BizUnite
As a division of CCA Global Partners, BizUnite reduces the  everyday costs of doing business of membership organizations, and their  affiliates. BizUnite is proud to be a member and/or supporter of the American  Society of Association Executives (ASAE), National Cooperative Business  Association (NCBA), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). BizUnite is about  doing “Whatever it takes to help small business thrive.”

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