Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights May 4-8, 2020

Research must be timely, practical and actionable. The latest resources from Brandon Hall Group focus on strategies and technologies to help employers and employees thrive during this time of disruption.

The Future of the Employee Experience (eBook)


Over the past decade, Brandon Hall Group research documented the steady evolution of the employee experience. As organizations adapt to the COVID-19 environment, it is clearer than ever that all elements of the employee experience are related, interconnected and interdependent. It starts even before someone is hired and is critical to talent engagement and retention.

Mission-Critical Content that Drives the Learning Experience (eBook)

The predominant focus of the modern learning experience has been on the delivery platform and not the key ingredient — content. During COVID-19, it is more important than ever for employers get the most urgent and relevant content, such as skills and capabilities training, to employees quickly. This eBook presents the latest research and explores the three guiding principles of modern engaging content.

Other Published Content

Learning & Development

The Modern Learning Experience: Is Your LMS Holding You Back? (eBook)

As organizations develop their future learning strategies, many find the technology they currently have won’t let them execute. In fact, according to Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Learning Technology Study, 42% of companies actively seek to replace their current LMS. And while there are many drivers behind this change, they are all in search of the same thing — an engaging learner experience that drives results.

Corporate Digital Learning and Business Continuity

Aparatim Purakayastha, Chief Technology Officer at Skillsoft and Mark Onisk, Chief Content Officer at Skillsoft discuss the future of corporate digital learning in the context of business continuity in an executive interview with Brandon Hall Group Chief Operating Officer Rachel Cooke.

Relevancy and Accessibility: The Keys To the Learning Experience

It is time to shift the focus of the learning experience from just the LMS to the entire learning supply chain. It can’t be just about making learning available. Creating relevant content that is easily accessible is what truly makes the experience. Yet many organizations have no real content strategy in place to make this happen.

David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer with Brandon Hall Group and Jeff Carr, CEO at Inkling discuss what it takes to optimize relevancy and accessibility in learning content.


The New Future of Work

Apratim Purakayastha, Chief Technology Officer at Skillsoft and Rachel Cooke, COO at Brandon Hall Group discuss the influence of COVID-19 in an executive interview.

Diversity & Inclusion/Leadership Development

Unified Leadership, a Culture of Learning and Growth Mindset

This executive interview features Denis Doolan, Chief of Organizational Excellence for Special Olympics and Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek, Chief Marketing Officer at Skillsoft discussing unified leadership, the value of people with intellectual disabilities and more.

Upcoming Webinars

Thursday, May 28: Unlocking Opportunities for Immersive Learning

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have been widely used in the gaming and marketing industries for years. As the technology advances and device costs come down, we are seeing the learning industry finally begin to capitalize on the applications and benefits of VR and AR. Join David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group and Betsy Geller, Senior Learning Consultant at Conduent as they explore what these technologies mean to the future of immersive learning. Register here

Thursday, June 4: Adapt & Grow as You Go: Supporting Different Needs and Audiences in One Platform

It can be difficult to meet the needs of multiple learning audiences across the business, geographies, and even outside of the organization. As different stakeholders sought to solve these challenges, more than 25% of organizations ended up with two or more learning platforms operating at the same time. To support growth, companies need to investigate a solution that facilitates all their training needs for all their audiences, in one place. Join David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group and Docebo as they discuss the benefits of moving to one system that can meet the challenges of both adaptability and scale.

Register here

Brandon Hall Group Featured in Training Magazine

Managing Remotely During Disruption

By Claude Werder and David Wentworth, Brandon Hall Group

The current uncertain situation over the coronavirus provides opportunities for Learning and Development (L&D) to do what it does best. It’s also a chance to leverage the power of employee engagement to aid productivity.

Research Surveys

Research in the Field

  • Responding to the Longer-Term HR Challenges from COVID-19: Take the survey here.

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