Brandon Hall Group Research Published Aug. 10-16

Human Capital Management Research

Last week Brandon Hall Group published 16 pieces of research – 3 new proprietary research reports, 3 technology case studies, 3 responses to member research inquiries, 1 webinar, 1 survey release, and 5 research-based blogs.

In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

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Here is an overview of research released the week of Aug. 10-16.

New Research Reports

Leadership Development 2015: The Time to Act is Now

This industry perspective, based on Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 Leadership Development research, takes a hard look at the current state of leadership development, the root causes of the problems, and several actions organizations can take to make LD have a positive business impact. The report, authored by Laci Loew, VP and Principal Analyst for Talent Management, includes best and next practices, summary of the research, and an updated LD framework and business impact model.

Workforce Technology: 4 Keys to Realizing a Total Return on Your Investment

Making technology decisions in today’s rapidly changing and complex world is a challenge. The simple math of automation – this manual activity took 10 hours, now it takes two – is no longer sufficient to capture the true return on workforce management technology investments. This report highlights findings from Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 Human Capital Management Technology Trends Study, as well as multiple case studies and other research. It will help organizations quantify the impact of workforce management technology, and unlock the total value of their workforce technology investment.

HCM Market Watch, June-July 2015

This edition of HCM Market Watch focuses on how providers are helping their customers think more strategically about business alignment and meeting customer expectations. The following themes are covered in this report: customer growth, employer branding, and workforce planning.

Technology Reviews from Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Technology


This awards technology review focuses on the learning content management tools available from Xyleme. Founded in 2004, the Colorado-based learning technology company supports clients in North America and Europe. This entry earned Xyleme a Gold Award for Best Advance in Content Management Technology in the 2014 Technology Awards.

Aura Interactiva

This awards technology review focuses on the SHIFT tools available from Aura Interactiva. The Costa Rica-based provider supports clients in the Americas and Europe and has revenues of $5.2 million. This earned Aura Interactiva a Silver Award for Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology in the 2014 Technology Awards.


This awards technology review focuses on the learning solutions from CrossKnowledge. The London-based company is a $50 million corporate learning technology provider. This earned CrossKnowledge a Gold Award for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology in the 2014 Technology Awards.


Engaged Employees = Productive Employees: The Culture of Recognition

Brandon Hall Group’s research shows that 39% of employees are highly engaged and advocates of the organization. As a result, employee recognition is quickly becoming one of the greatest priorities for a company’s strategy. This webinar, hosted by Brandon Hall Group COO Rachel Cooke, focused on how to create a culture of recognition to improve employee engagement, productivity, performance and manager engagement, and key considerations for optimizing your rewards and recognition solutions.

Survey Launch

Brandon Hall Group invites you to participate in our annual online Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Survey. Your survey responses are critical in helping gain insight into the elements that go into an employment value proposition, and the impact those elements have on critical business outcomes. Take the survey here.

Questions from Members

One great benefit of Brandon Hall Group members is the ability to ask questions of our HCM analyst team and get quick answers, usually within 24 hours. The questions answered this week included:

  • I am looking for best-in-class models for how people approach developing their senior leaders. I am also interested in best practices at the solution or learning intervention level
  • I’m interested in research on future learning models for large corporations. Will in-person training continue in light of the continued growth in elearning tools and methods?
  • Am just looking to understand generally in the learning discipline how we think about “required” training. What’s the long- and short-term impact of requiring training?

Research-based blogs

SuccessConnect 2015: Simple isn’t Easy

Mollie Lombardi writes about the SuccessConnect 2015 event, and SAP SuccessFactors’ focus on simplification. The blog focuses on simplifying workflows and integrations so people can execute HCM processes like performance management and workforce planning in line with their day-to-day work, and allow employees to focus on customer priorities.

Thinking of Replacing Your LMS?

Does your organization use an LMS? If so, the chances are pretty good that you are looking to replace it. According to Brandon Hall Group’s most recent Learning Technology Trends Survey, 85% of companies have an LMS and 38% of them are actively looking to replace it. In this blog post, David Wentworth offers an invitation to an upcoming webinar in conjunction with Saba Software to focus on this topic.

A New Agenda Drives the HRBP-Business Leader Discussion

Issues of globalization, technology innovations, intensified competition, scarce skills, mobile devices and social tools shape today’s business landscape. These challenges require organizations to focus on increasing their value, fast-tracking organizational capability, fostering a culture of innovation and action, and creating competitive advantage. In her blog, Laci Loew shares how HR practices are following that pattern by aligning with organizational strategy and enabling leaders to achieve business goals.

5 Types of Training Most Often Outsourced

When it comes to training delivery, many companies want to keep it to themselves. After all, it can be costly to use external resources every time you want to deliver a course or training session. But it’s not the case for every topic. In this blog, Learning Analyst Ben Eubanks looks at some of the most common types of outsourced training and why companies seek those external resources.

It’s All about How You Play the Game

How do we find immediate ways to recognize, measure and reward performance in terms of outcomes, behaviors, and actions? In addition, how can we encourage people to invest not only in their own success with that of their team? In her blog, Mollie Lombardi looks at this question through the lens of a recent Microsoft acquisition of FantasySalesTeam, a sales gamification solution.

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