Brandon Hall Group Research Published August 8-14

Over the past week, Brandon Hall Group published 13 pieces of research – 1 new proprietary research reports, 7 award-winning technology reviews, 2 webinars, 1 answer to a question from a Brandon Hall Group member, 1 solution provider profile, and 1 research-based blog.

In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

Bringing the Classroom Into the 2st Century

Agile Learning and Technology for the Corporate Enterprise

Solution Provider Profile: Hireology

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Here is an overview of research released Aug. 8-14:

New Research Reports

Bringing the Classroom to the 21st Century

Within the world of corporate learning, the past few years have been filled with talk of things like mobile delivery, social networks and collaborative technology. People want to hear the latest around augmented and virtual reality. But the actual reality is that the vast majority of corporate learning still takes place in an instructor-led classroom, and it will for the foreseeable future. So we need to start thinking about making the classroom shiny and new again. There are many companies doing just that. It takes a new way of thinking about the classroom – which includes many of the shiny new technologies we are chasing, as well as a commitment
to physically changing the classroom and the tools used within it. This report discusses options and ways to move forward in optimizing classroom learning.


Award-Winning Technology Reviews

These technology reviews – winners of 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards – were released for publication:

Ground-breaking Research and Content from HBR Leading Edge

HBR Leading Edge is a digital collection of 50 years of leadership and management digital content from Harvard Business School and Harvard Business Review. The collection features not just articles, but also videos, eBooks, and case studies that reflect both current ideas and evergreen frameworks. The intuitive experience makes it easy to find content fast from any device, including a well-developed mobile experience for today’s time-strapped learners.

Elucidat: Authoring Tool for Global Learning Teams

Elucidat is an authoring solution for global learning teams. It was developed from the belief that high-end, creative, and instructionally sound eLearning can go hand-in-hand with an off-the-shelf authoring tool that’s simple and quick to use. Elucidat has six key features: theme designer component, built-in authoring support, social features (polling), a visual authoring interface, five types of access permission, and master project functionality.

Centralizing Talent Recruitment with Scout+

Scout+ is a vendor management solution where employers share permanent positions with their pre-approved preferred suppliers and to Scout’s marketplace of search firms. With Scout+, companies retain the expertise of their current approved suppliers but can now manage them in one place from a procurement, spend, and analytics perspective. By having all of a company’s search firms work with Scout, the company can centralize all of its engagement into one contract, one invoice, and one process

EY’s Online Performance Support System

In order to accommodate the post-training performance support needs of employees, EY has created a comprehensive customized Online Performance Support System (OPSS) which puts policy, procedure, reference information, and business processes at the fingertips of employees when they need it the most. The OPSS has proven to be extremely successful for end-user training and long-term performance support.

Cognizant’s Performance Support, Driven by Augmented Reality

How can a company ensure effective translation of knowledge acquired during training sessions into skills that deliver results in real-life situations? Cognizant addressed this challenge when a client needed an effective performance support tool for employees — most of them millennials — who had to troubleshoot hardware issues of their marquee product. Cognizant created an iOS app using Cognizant’s NeoSight, an augmented reality-based, custom-designed training and maintenance platform that facilitates interactive learning by animating procedural rules, virtually overlaid on the target device.

Simple, Fast Content Authoring with Articulate Storyline 2

Articulate Storyline 2 is an eLearning authoring tool that makes it fast and easy for anyone to create online and mobile courses with interactivity, software simulations, and virtually any type of assessment. Storyline 2 includes more than 30 new and enhanced features, giving course developers more ways to bring content to life, more control over how courses look and behave, and more tools to boost productivity.

mLevel’s Game-based Training for Microsoft Azure’s Sales Team

mLevel is a casual learning forum that represents a new paradigm in enterprise training and skills mastery. mLevel offers mobile, social, and engaging educational platforms that support the delivery of fun and effective learning activities. Microsoft utilized mLevel for its extensive partner community’s salesforce to help address the challenge of selling Microsoft Azure to customers.



Measurement Strategies of High-Performing Organizations: Does Your Learning Measure Up?

Often in organizations, the learning strategy loses sight of the overall business objectives and begins to operate in a vacuum where the only outcome is learning itself. Without proper measurement, it can be nearly impossible to know what impact learning is having on individual employees or the organization as a whole. So, where do you start? How do you identify the proper metrics and determine the proper ways to measure them? David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, explores the results of Brandon Hall Group’s latest research on learning measurement and identifies the strategies of high performing organizations.

Agile Learning Technology for the Corporate Enterprise

Year after year, our research shows that above all else, organizations want learning technology that is easy to implement, easy to integrate, easy to use. That doesn’t change for organizations that have to roll out training to a large number of learners. So why do these enterprise-scale companies find themselves with large, unwieldy tech implementations? Just because your organization is large and complex doesn’t mean your learning technology has to be. David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Brent Schlenker, CLO at Litmos, explore research around the technology needs of the enterprise organization, as well as real-world examples of how large-scale companies address these issues.
Solution Provider Profile


This solution provider profile features Hireology, a leading applicant tracking system serving franchisees and franchisors, SMBs, and retail automotive groups. The hiring framework integrates all aspects of hiring into an easy-to-use web app great for single locations or large corporate networks. Hireology trains customers to follow a process-driven approach to identify and hire better-quality employees. The profile features insights from Principal Talent Acquisition Analyst Daria Friedman.


Answers to Questions from Members

One of the best benefits of Brandon Hall Group membership is the ability to ask analysts questions and get detailed answers within 24 hours. Here is a question we received this week:

  • What are the typical triggers for a company to change their leadership competencies? Do you have some examples of companies that have done this recently?

Research-based Blogs

Have Organizations Really Changed their Onboarding Practices?

When Principal Talent Acquisition Analyst Daria Friedman started Brandon Hall Group’s latest Onboarding study, she hypothesized that many organizations are now taking advantage of a practice that is relatively new — pre-boarding new hires before the first day of work, and that they are involving managers, mentors and other stakeholders outside HR and Learning and Development in the onboarding process. Both practices can have a very favorable impact on new hires. Pre-boarding can keep that new hire engaged with the organization during that sometimes lengthy gap between the signing of the offer letter and the first day of work. Does the reality match the hypothesis? To read the complete blog, please click here.

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