Brandon Hall Group Research Published Feb. 1-7

In the last week, Brandon Hall Group published 14 pieces of research – 3 new proprietary research reports, 9 award-winning case studies, 1 solution provider profile, and 1 research-based blogs.

In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:


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Here is an overview of research released Feb. 1-7:

New Research Reports

Mobile Learning 2016: Great Promise, Little Progress

This report summarizes the top findings of Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Mobile Learning Study, which shows that little has changed in utilizing mobile for learning since the last study in 2014. Organizations are incorporating mobile into their overall learning strategies, but the uses are still basic and barriers for further sophistication remain.

KnowledgePoints: Top Talent Management Imperatives for 2016

This KnowledgePoints report captures five imperatives for talent management success in 2016, based on Brandon Hall Group’s latest State of Talent Management Study.

HCM Market Watch: December-January

This is the latest edition of Brandon Hall Group’s bi-monthly HCM Market Watch, featuring news and trends in technology solutions in Learning, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, and Workforce Management. The focus of this report is innovation.

Award-winning Case Studies

These case studies – winners of 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards – were released for publication:

Creating Learning Pathways at Crown Melbourne Limited

This awards case study focuses on the effort by Crown Melbourne Limited to develop learning programs to address two significant issues within the organization and the tourism/hospitality industry in Australia: lack of identifiable career paths, and a skills shortage in leadership and management. The initiative earned a Gold Award for Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Intuit Integrates Training into the Technology Workflow

Intuit has a robust community using its QuickBooks product, and the QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification program offers a way for users to demonstrate mastery of the platform. Intuit’s recent reinvention of the ProAdvisor Program allows it to be fully integrated into the QuickBooks Online Accountant web-based product, putting on-demand training and certifications directly into the everyday workflow. This effort earned a Silver Award for Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Emirates NBD Creates Customer Value from its Certification Program

This case study profiles the certification program created by Emirates NBD. The program was used to help qualify and quantify the competencies of the workforce with relation to small business banking, a strategic target of the Dubai-based financial institution. The initiative led to sustained business growth, more customer-focused behaviors, stronger teams, and more. This earned the organization a Silver Award for Best Certification Program in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Learning Drives Business Impact at UST Global

Learning is often associated with training. But the true measure of learning isn’t how many hours of courses were delivered–it’s business impact. In this case study of UST Global, we see how the California-based technology company was able to make this transition, measuring everything from employee engagement and innovation to social impact and business growth. This earned UST Global a Silver Award for Best Advance in Learning Strategy in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Learning Technology Use at Lurie Children’s Hospital

Businesses change locations all the time, but when it happens with a hospital, there are specific challenges that must be overcome. One of those is the move of medically complex patients with specific needs. This case study highlights how Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, a 4,000- employee healthcare organization, was able to train its staff and ultimately complete a successful transition. This program won a Bronze Award for Best Learning Technology Implementation in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Implementing Learning Technology at McDonald’s

McDonald’s Australia faces the same challenges as other restaurants worldwide. The company wants to ensure leaders are driving business performance by empowering and motivating employees. The answer for management level training was to bring experiential scenarios into the classroom where managers could practice applying their skills to a simulated restaurant and seeing the consequences on restaurant performance. This initiative earned a Bronze Award for Learning Technology Implementation in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

The Leadership Advantage at Illumina

This awards case study examines the Leadership Advantage program at Illumina, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of life science tools. The program focuses on learning transfer by engaging participants’ “hearts, heads, and hands,” and is designed to challenge leaders to take risks and stretch in new ways through experiences that appeal to multiple modes of learning. The program earned a Bronze Award for Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Leadership Development at CA Technologies

This awards case study profiles CA Technologies’ Leaders at All Levels philosophy and the resultant Leadership Development Program, which is designed to ensure a pipeline of highly capable leaders at all levels across the organization. The program has evolved to meet the changing needs of the company while maintaining the overarching goal of enabling employees to develop themselves as leaders. The program earned a Bronze Award for Best Advance in Leadership Development in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Genpact Emerging Managers (GEM)

This awards case study focuses on Genpact’s Emerging Managers program (GEM), a nine-month learning roadmap designed to build a strong leadership foundation and to prepare the next generation of first-time managers. The initiative earned a Bronze Award for Best Certification Program in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Solution Provider Profile


This solution provider profile features GreenJobInterview, a leader in video interview software that offers live scheduled “tech checks” and concierge level customer support. The profile includes insights from Brandon Hall Group Principal Talent Acquisition Analyst Daria Friedman.

Research-based Blogs

HCMx Radio: Quality of Hire is the Most Important Metric

Brandon Hall Group’s recent research reported that quality of hire is the most important talent acquisition metric for 92% of organizations. However, companies still struggle with finding talent and, most importantly, the right talent. iCIMS received a Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award in Best Advance in Employee Referral Technology because of how it helps clients effectively navigate through this journey to finding the right talent. In our latest episode of HCMx Radio, iCIMS Chief Marketing Officer Susan Vitale offers viewpoints on finding, nurturing, hiring, and retaining high-quality talent.

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