Brandon Hall Group Research Published Feb. 13-19

Last week, Brandon Hall Group published 17 new resources –  3 new proprietary research resources, 2 award-winning case studies from the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards, 5 award-winning technology reviews from the 2016 Tech Awards, 4 Solution Provider Profiles, 1 webinar, 1 radio show, and 1 blog.

Below we make public some of these resources (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

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Here is an overview of research released Feb. 13-19:

New Research Reports

Rewards and Recognition: Driving Engagement and Organizational Performance (Research Summary)

This research summary provides the top findings of Brandon Hall Group’s research on Rewards and Recognition. The research shows that a majority of organizations are using rewards and recognition technology and that the main drivers of technology use are employee engagement, appreciation for employees, and improving company culture. Use of technology is heaviest among high-performing organizations (those with year-over-year improvement in KPIs), and large organizations. The research also shows that technology buyers want a solution provider that is aligned with their company goals and values. The report also goes into what types of rewards are given for performance compared with rewards given for length of service.

How to Elevate Employee Engagement (Ebook)

This illustrative ebook is a primer on how to link employee engagement to performance, which leads to better business results. Linking engagement to performance takes many forms — including coaching/training, recognition, feedback, action plans and work plans with specific timeframes, establishing short-term goals, as well has having a technology environment that supports engagement. The ebook is based on Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Employee Engagement Study.

Benefits & Wellness: What Organizations Offer (KnowledgeGraphic)

This KnowledgeGraphic, based on Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 Benefits and Wellness Study, shows the types of benefits that organizations of various sizes offer to their employees. It also shows the incentives organizations offer for employee participation, as well as barriers to success, and future plans.


2016 Excellence Award-Winning Case Studies

Brandon Hall Group announced its 2016 Excellence Award winners. These case studies, featuring the award-winning organizations, were released for publication:

Advancing Networking Skills to Achieve Results at PepsiCo

When a competency assessment revealed a gap in networking skills among sales associates, PepsiCo developed a course to help them extend their professional networks by identifying key stakeholders and adding value to the relationships. The fast-paced, engaging course uses a real-world simulation where users make choices to control the path they take to connect with internal and external contacts. The course runs just 30 minutes and can be taken multiple times with different results and lessons.

Focusing Learning Strategy on Job Success at U.S. Defense Department

Defense Acquisition University, an arm of the U.S. Department of Defense, has designed a new learning strategy that reflects its focus to application of learning for job and organizational success. There are three domains to the Acquisition Learning Model (ALM): foundational learning, workflow learning, and performance learning. ALM was deliberately incorporated to ensure alignment with the business strategy of senior leaders. Data using evaluations at Kirkpatrick Levels 3 & 4 prove the impact has been strong.


Award-Winning Technology Reviews

Award-winning reviews of technology advances from the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Technology Awards are beginning to be released this week:

Degreed Connects All Forms of Learning Across an Organization

The world has changed and so have employees’ needs and expectations. Degreed offer employees access to more than 225,000 courses from more than 1,300 learning platforms and providers. Employees and administrators alike can collaborate, curate, and recommend any content piece, improving efficiency and engagement by enabling workers to find mentors and share expertise. Degreed connects all learning happening across an organization: informal and formal, peer to peer, push and pull.

Hitachi’s Global Demonstration Lab Delivers 24/7 Software Training

The Global Demonstration and Learning Lab is a 24/7, on-demand, self-service lab that provides unlimited access to Hitachi Data Systems software technologies and some third-party solutions through a virtual lab environment. Instructor led-training through the GDLL reduces travel expenses and equipment costs while improving access to the newest technologies. In addition, the GDLL lets employees test software, gain product proficiency, and execute customer demonstrations.

RedVector’s Competency Assessment Tools Improve Skills for Manufacturers

RedVector’s new learning and performance management tools were developed to help industrial organizations assess and improve employee skills and automate the prescription of essential training courses. All together, these training administration tools empower industrial companies to combine cost-effective online training courses with the skills validation tools that previously came only from on-the-job training. 

Saba Marketplace & Custom API Integration: Connect to Anything in Minutes

This technology review features Saba Cloud Marketplace and its extensive set of open APIs across each module of Saba’s integrated talent management solution. Saba’s API integration capabilities enable companies to get information from other systems into Saba Cloud – fast and efficiently. Until now, connecting disparate systems has been a time-consuming and complex proposition.  The set of more than 500 APIs also allows partners and customers to develop microapps, which help extend a defined set of enterprise application functionality and transactions specific to a user’s roles and requirements.

SilkRoad Apps Focus on Performance Check-ins, Conversations, Goals

Traditional performance management has proven to be ineffective. SilkRoad’s Agile Performance technology provides a simple alternative with three basic apps that focus on performance check-ins and conversations, goals, and a simple review. The apps were built to connect with Millennials, using a clean interface, mobile access and support of continuous feedback. It’s also easy for an HR team to implement using wizards and pre-built creation tools.


Solution Provider Profile

Benepay (2017)

This solution provider profile features Benepay Technologies, whose OneTouch platform is a solution for benefits administration, HRIS, ACA reporting, time and attendance, and payroll/tax processing. All of those functions are integrated in one platform — and single database and single sign-on.

HireVue (2017)

This solution provider profile features HireVue and its Team Acceleration software. It combines digital video interviewing with predictive analytics to help companies build and coach higher-performing teams. The profile includes the Build portion of the platform, which is comprised of on-demand video interviewing, live interviewing, scheduling, Digital Assessments (TM) and CodeVue(TM) for technical recruiting.

Montage (2017)

This solution provider profile features Montage, a Wisconsin-based video and voice interviewing provider. Montage’s solutions help minimize travel, showcase employer brand, engage candidates and accelerate hiring. Montage sells primarily to the enterprise market, healthcare, and RPO organizations.

Greenhouse Software (2017)

This solution provider profile features Greenhouse, which creates software to help companies make better hires faster and retain them longer. Recruiting functionality includes interview kits and scorecards, automated communication, candidate profiles, KPI-driven reporting capability, a mobile app, and more. Its onboarding system strengthens onboarding collaboration by creating consistent workflows and task lists for everyone involved in onboarding.



Learning Strategy for the Digital Age

This webinar examined how your organization can adapt your learning strategies to take advantage of the rapidly changing digital environment. Max Meadow, Principal HCM Advisory Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, used case studies to explore how high-performing organizations are driving better business results through dynamic learning strategies and how your organization can do the same.


HCMx Radio

HCMx Radio 52: Driving Multi-Generational Learning at Conduent Learning Services

The anticipation of what the future of the workforce will be like is exhilarating. With the advancements in technology, opportunities are endless for the work structures, development options, and job roles that will be available. The speed at which work is occurring is rapid and exciting, yet can be overwhelming. Companies need to not only grow, but innovate and produce new ideas that are revolutionary or disruptive. Otherwise, they may not exist for long.



Well-Being at Work Is Not Going Away (Blog)

Cliff Stevenson, Principal Workforce Management Analyst at Brandon Hall Group weighs in on “Well-Being. He writes that “being in HR means that every few years a new buzzword or catchphrase that make the rounds. Lately it’s “well-being.” But I don’t think it should be dismissed or looked upon with derision. I think well-being is very likely here to stay. It’s a necessary term. Wellness, which is still used and useful, refers to an employee’s health, in the medical sense. Benefits traditionally associated with wellness are health, dental, vision, etc. Well-being, on the other hand, refers to the sum whole of the employee – their mental, emotional, (and feel free to add spiritual) health.”

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