Brandon Hall Group Research Published Feb. 27 – March 5

Last week, Brandon Hall Group published 15 new resources –  2 new proprietary research resources, 6 award-winning technology reviews from the 2016 Tech Awards, 5 Solution Provider Profiles, and 2 blogs.


Below we make public some of these resources (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

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Here is an overview of research released February 27 – March 5:

New Research Reports

Workforce Management Analytics: Caught in a Vicious Cycle (2017 Research Summary)

Workforce management measurement and analytics maintains its relevance and momentum by constantly evolving. The trouble is that it’s not. Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 research reveals nagging data privacy and security concerns, compounded by little systems automation and a shortage of employees with the appropriate analytical skills to effectively utilize the increasing amount of data being collected.

As the research reveals, organizations are not seeing the benefit of analytically driven decision-making because their analytics take forever and are prone to error, which means they have no confidence in analytics, which results in no budget being given to improve. This is a textbook example of a vicious cycle, and the only way out is to create a compelling business case proving the need for cleaner, faster people data and analytics.

The State of Contingent Labor 2017 (KnowledgeGraphic)

In the emerging era of the “gig” economy, Brandon Hall Group research shows that contingent labor still comprises 10% or less of the workforce for most organizations. However, one-fifth of smaller companies use more than 40% contingent labor, and spending on contingent labor over the next year is expected to increase in 50% of organizations overall, and in 60% of smaller companies (under 1,000 employees).




Award-Winning Technology Reviews

Award-winning reviews of technology advances from the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Technology Awards are beginning to be released this week:

Saba Adds Pulse 360 to Drill for Hot-Spot Insight on Performance (Tech Review)

Saba Software integrated its newest program, Saba Pulse 360, with its full talent management suite to capture, analyze and deliver continuous feedback on employee and company performance and connect them to meaningful actions that can be used to address issues and opportunities early. The system also can measure and assess the impact of talent and learning programs or other company initiatives on employees.

Mercer’s CareerArc Reframes Rejection by Engaging Declined Candidates (Tech Review)

The Mercer CareerArc Candidate Care platform gives employers a way to enhance the candidate experience for the vocal, but often overlooked, majority of candidates – the applicants who were not hired. Companies who offer Candidate Care recognize the labor market has changed and will only grow more competitive, and the talent, scarce. They wisely regard each application as a vote for their employer brand today, but know that vote is not guaranteed tomorrow. Through Candidate Care, companies can now acknowledge the person behind each application and make a real difference in that candidate’s future.


GRC Platform Adapts Content to Learners’ Knowledge (Tech Review)

Australia-based GRC Solutions developed an adaptive platform for compliance training that tests existing knowledge prior to a course and ensures that employees only train on concepts and topics where they have not yet demonstrated proficiency. Such testing reduces the amount of time spent on mandatory training, particularly important as governments increase regulations and organizations seek to mitigate risk. After rolling out a GRC course, a company can analyze data points, such as what grabbed their employees’ attention and what questions they struggled to answer, and compare those patterns across the company.

Skillsoft Leadership Advantage Delivers Microlearning (Tech Review)

Skillsoft Leadership Advantage 3.0 is a scalable approach to developing leaders that allows organizations to build leadership pipelines and directly impact the bottom line. The solution is comprised of concise “microlearning” resources that appeal to today’s generation of learners. In addition, the resources are on demand and easily accessed via mobile devices, again providing a universal appeal to many audiences’ styles and learning needs.


HealthStream Software Increases Healthcare Compliance

HealthStream’s new software, called KnowledgeQ®, addresses healthcare compliance issues with data that can analyze individuals, groups or all employees of a healthcare organization and target regulatory training to those who need it. A key breakthrough for KnowledgeQ is the ability of healthcare leaders to assess the effectiveness of compliance training by comparing their results with national benchmark data so they know what action they need to take. In one healthcare system, for example, KnowledgeQ determined that 85% employees were below the national benchmark in infection prevention and control. Leaders used the software to target specific employees for additional education and quickly raised compliance levels.



Solution Provider Profile


Conduent Learning Services (2017)

Conduent is a new name in the learning space, but it is born from a very familiar one – Xerox. Xerox has offered learning technology and services for years, but recently chose to focus more on document management and outsourcing and spin the business process services and automation business off as Conduent. Conduent’s approach to learning is to focus on the personalization that is missing from many of today’s solutions.


cfactor Works (2017)

cfactor is a 17-year old company, and its main product is the SaaS, multi-tenant product Vibe. Vibe is a full HCM suite, with modules for core HCM, WFM, compensation and rewards, recruitment, talent management, and learning and development. Employee engagement is the core of all aspects of Vibe HCM. Regardless of whether organizations are using payroll, talent management, or scheduling modules, they will see four common themes across all: recognition, wellness, social, and measurement.

Paycor (2017)

Paycor began as a payroll provider and its origin still informs the core business. Following the acquisition of Newton, it now has a nearly-full suite of HR programs. Paycor provides core HR for companies of 20-1000 employees (although it has the ability to handle, and does handle, larger companies.) It is very focused on its verticals, with a heavy emphasis on banks, brokers, accounting, and franchise companies (fast-food, retail).

EdCast (2017)

EdCast brings internal learning resources, experts, and thousands of external sources into a single knowledge platform, where Artificial Intelligence and curation deliver a personalized learning experience. It is essentially meant to be like a YouTube or Netflix for learning, where users have an interface that gives them access to content from multiple sources which they can search, or be served recommended and relevant content.


BizLibrary (2017)

BizLibrary, a leading provider of online employee training and eLearning solutions, provides a complete LMS, an off-the-shelf micro-learning content collection, and post-training reinforcement. The library of more than 6,000 mobile-ready video lessons and courses cover key business skills organizations need employees to master.



Embracing Customer Success at Oracle HCM Cloud

HCM solution providers talk a lot about listening to customers and delivering a great customer experience. And I must say that most of the providers Brandon Hall Group analysts talk to in our almost daily briefings and demos are truly making strides.

The team at Oracle HCM Cloud provides a great example of how an organization should go about engaging – and learning from – their customers. Oracle HCM Cloud, now in its 12th release, is a strong product that is getting better. I’ll save analysis of the solution itself for another date. After attending the HCM Cloud Analyst Summit this week near San Francisco, I came away impressed about how Oracle HCM Cloud leaders have listened to customers and put their ideas to work to improve the customer experience.

Some Surprising (Preliminary) Findings on Recruitment Marketing

Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 Recruitment Marketing survey research is almost complete, and David Wentworth couldn’t wait to get his hands on the data.

One question of particular interest is the first five steps organizations usually take to recruit talent for hard-to-fill positions. The reason he asked that question was to see the extent to which organizations rely on consumer marketing-type practices, such as CRM email campaigns and broad social media campaigns. His hunch was that organizations are still primarily using job boards and the company website to find that talent.

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