Brandon Hall Group Research Published Oct. 24-30

Over the past week, Brandon Hall Group published 13 new resources – 2 new proprietary research resources, 9 award-winning case studies from the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards, 1 webinar, and 1 blog.

Below we make public some of these resources (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

Tool to Use: Benchmarking Your Onboarding Practices

McKinsey’s Partner University Motivates Leaders to Learn

3 Talent Imperatives Most Organizations are Overlooking

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Here is an overview of research released Oct. 24-30:

New Research Reports

Tool to Use: Benchmarking Your Onboarding Practices

Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 talent acquisition research shows that onboarding is a top talent acquisition priority for 2016 and 2017. To assist organizations in their quest to improve the onboarding process, Brandon Hall Group developed this assessment tool
along with a high-performance onboarding framework.

Diversity and Inclusion 2016: Automation Critical to Effectiveness

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is going through both societal and legislative change, the forthcoming changes to EEO-1, effective in 2017, being a prime example. This has increased the importance of D&I and has exposed some of the shortcomings of current D&I practices, including lack of automation and funding, as well as cultural bias.


2016 Excellence Award-Winning Case Studies

Brandon Hall Group announced its 2016 Excellence Award winners. These case studies, featuring the award-winning organizations, were released for publication:

Creating a Culture of Civil Treatment of Employees at Verizon

Civil Treatment® for Employees is a comprehensive, instructor-led course that all employees attend when they join Verizon, or as a refresher throughout their careers there. The main goal is to ensure team members can identify sexual harassment, discrimination actions, and other types of impacting behaviors within their teams, and take action to prevent them or speak up when problems arise. The program was customized by creator ELI for Verizon.

Corporate University Launch Focuses on Adoption, User Experience

The launch of the Corporate Learning University at the Medical University of South Carolina was focused on two main components: adoption and user experience. To achieve successful adoption of MyQuest, the learning management system for its more than 19,000 users, MUSC launched a campaign that included sneak-peek demonstrations, drop-in informational sessions, hands-on training sessions, in-person promotions, distribution of MyQuest-branded merchandise, and support stations across the campus.

Using Video Simulation to Teach Interpersonal Leadership

The University of Rochester (N.Y.) Simon Business School identified a gap in its MBA curriculum in effectively integrating the interpersonal skills of leadership into its existing communication course. The school decided to integrate Abilitie’s Management Challenge video simulation to provide hands-on-learning. Management Challenge includes a team-based simulation, video-based role-play exercises, with a unique way of allowing participants to have a free-flowing conversation with a video-based character in the simulation.

Video Engages First-Level Leaders at Metals USA

Metals USA, in partnership with Sage Media, established “First Level Leaders,” a leadership development program designed for its front-line leaders who lead, coach, mentor, and influence or direct others. The program utilizes short video pieces to create interactive and engaging discussion and learning. The video is embedded throughout a one-day session and shares a relatable journey of a new manager – a very successful individual contributor – who is struggling to be an effective leader.

Enabling Employees to Meet the Challenges of Growth at Audi

Over the last six years, Audi of America has seen its new vehicle sales volume almost double, and has experienced significant parts and accessories revenue. But employees often struggled to learn the specific skills needed to be successful in their job assignments in the wake of this growth and change. Audi, in partnership with GP Strategies, responded with a comprehensive program focused on onboarding, developing proficiency, and continuing education.

Using Video to Convey the Technology Behind IBM’s Watson

To illustrate how the question-answering technology behind Watson was developed, IBM offered a graduate level course and recorded it in 40 hours of video in order to expand the reach of the course. Sharing 40 hours of video viewable on a PC would not be effective, so IBM cut the content by 50%, captioned the videos and provided a downloadable transcript as an accessible alternative. It also included practice questions, review questions, and social interactions to reinforce the learning.

NIIT’s Vector Program Drives Collaborative Learning

Custom content development and curriculum design is NIIT’s flagship service. Most of the learning is project-specific, so it is often confined to the lifetime of individual projects. This can mean that teams working outside these projects do not share lessons learned and leading practices. To bridge this gap, stakeholders in the learning content team created Vector, a collaborative learning program for teams to share knowledge, ideas, and leading practices outside project boundaries at the practice level.

McKinsey’s Partner University Motivates Leaders to Learn

Global consulting firm McKinsey has more than 1,500 global partners who must consistently update their leadership skills. To create a firm-wide program that would turbocharge partners’ abilities to meet the rapidly-changing needs of their clients, McKinsey designed Partner University, a contextually relevant learning opportunity that would reach the entire partnership “in support of,” not “in addition to,” the work partners were already doing for their clients every day.

Developing Competencies around Central Venous Access Devices

In Australia, the Health Education and Training Institute found significant shortcomings in the knowledge, skills and behaviors of clinicians regarding central venous access devices, which are ports that allow frequent access to veins without deep needle sticks. The solution was a “Fundamentals Pathway” consisting of online training and step-by-step guides and competency assessments for clinicians.



3 Talent Imperatives Most Organizations are Overlooking

Every year people everywhere share the same thought: people are the difference between a great business plan and great business success. However, many organizations are doing little or nothing to bring that statement to life. Brandon Hall Group’s Cliff Stevenson and Claude Werder, and Morne Swart, VP of Global Product Strategy at SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft company, reveal three talent management imperatives that can have a huge impact on your organization. 

Research-based Blog

HCMx Radio: General Electric’s Successful Social Learning Community

Social learning is where learners connect with each other and create and share content using tools such as blogs, wikis, and other collaborative tools. Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 research revealed that social/collaborative learning tools were a top priority for organizations. There are some great companies, like GE, that are on the forefront of this journey. GE’s Crotonville Digital Learning Team created a learning and knowledge sharing community – called “Smartbits” – on GE’s internal social-collaborative platform. The purpose is to drive demand, engagement, and cultural change. Access the blog and podcast here.

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