Brandon Hall Group Research Published Sept. 12-18

Over the past week, Brandon Hall Group published 12 new resources – 1 new proprietary research report, 1 strategic tool, 7 award-winning case studies from the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards, 2 webinars, and 1 blog.

In this blog, we will make public some of these resources (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

Building a Framework for Excellence in Learning and Development

The Right Content Right Now: Closing the Skills Gap

Metrics and More: The Measurement of Learning


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Here is an overview of research released Sept. 12-18:

New Research Reports

Building a Framework for Excellence in Learning and Development  

There is no silver bullet strategy that will solve all learning issues for all companies. But Brandon Hall Group’s High-Performance Learning & Development Framework does provide a blueprint for excellence that can help organizations build a strategy that is right for them. This paper provides research-backed commentary on all the elements of the framework to provide sound strategic guidance.


New Tool to Use

Learning and Development Framework  

This is the standalone framework for Learning and Development by Brandon Hall Group


2016 Excellence Award-Winning Case Studies

Brandon Hall Group announced its 2016 Excellence Award winners. These case studies, featuring the award-winning organizations, were released for publication:

Developing Denver’s Public Education Leaders with Gaming Simulations

When Denver Public Schools launched a new leadership development program, it did not want a standard multiple-choice assessment to find out what participants learned and the growth areas that remained. DPS partnered with Pinsight to incorporate an online gaming simulation that replicates a day in the life of a leader. Pinsight offered DPS leaders a three-hour virtual experience in a fictitious organization as a newly-hired manager or director.

Time Warner Cable’s Blended Learning for Field Sales Reps

At TIme Warner Cable (TWC), field sales associates were struggling to sell complex products because they didn’t understand the technology and the context for how to sell it to the customer. TWC and its partner, Accelerated Business Results, responded with a comprehensive five-week onboarding program that involved eLearning, simulations, virtual instructor-led training, peer shadowing and ride-alongs, instructor-led classroom training, personalized coaching, and video, as well as a training sandbox.

Blended Learning at The Nature Conservancy

When The Nature Conservancy retired its 15-year-old global fundraising technology in August 2015, a smooth transition to the new Constituent Relationship Management System was imperative. The change impacted 1,000 global users, including staff and vendors who needed to learn the new tool and business procedures to perform their jobs. The Nature Conservancy responded with a thoughtful, intuitive blended learning program.

Game- and Simulation-based Training at Max SkillFirst

India-based training company Max SkillFirst needed a new way to deliver selling skills and recruitment skills training that reduced the amount of time students were taken away from their jobs. Through a gaming- and simulation-focused approach available on desktop computer as well as tablets, the company dramatically reduced class time and effectively engaged students to significantly enhance the training.

Embracing Participant-Centered Learning at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) understood that some of its important learning courses were too lecture-heavy and realized they needed to be more focused on the learner. The organization embraced the four pillars of participant-centered learning — readiness, experience, autonomy, and action — and went through a vigorous process for each course with key stakeholders.

NCR’s ‘First Steps’ Onboarding Program

Software manufacturer NCR had a significant attrition problem, particularly among millennials. The company addressed it in several ways, including a new-hire onboarding program that sought not only reduced new-hire attrition but improved new-hire satisfaction and a new social culture that embraced and encouraged collaboration. Through a variety of new innovations, NCR reduced new-hire attrition by 22%, increased new-hire satisfaction by almost 10%, and received Net Promoter scores exceeding 95% for most components of the program.  

Bayer Drives Commercial Excellence with ‘Skillcamp’ Performance Support

Bayer CropScience, in search of improved commercial success, designed a comprehensive performance support for the marketing and sales teams, called “Skillcamp.’ It focused on training 4,500 employees in marketing and sales functions, and ensuring a common mindset and language around a 12-step, go-to-market approach.



Research Spotlight: Metrics and More: The Measurement of Learning

Organizations put huge amounts of time, money and energy into delivering learning, but real insight into the impact that learning has on a company remains elusive. This webinar features David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, as he reviews the results of Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Learning Measurement Study, identifying what organizations are measuring, what they aren’t, and how to move forward more effectively.

Solution Provider Profile


This solution provider profile features Lever, whose mission is to scale and share hiring through effortless collaboration in small to mid-size companies. Lever Hire combines Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) functionality in a single platform to help source, engage, and manage candidates all in one place. Lever also is developing Lever Nurture, which aims to effectively market to candidates by being able to see which campaign drove the most response in terms of clicks, opens, hires, and more. The profile features insights from Brandon Hall Group Principal Talent Acquisition Analyst Daria Friedman.


Research-based Blog

A Webinar Trifecta: Learning, Measurement, and Performance

Based on the results of Brandon Hall Group’s most recent Learning Measurement Study, it appears that most organizations consider the completion of a course to be the best indicator of learning effectiveness, Principal Learning Analyst David Wentworth writes in his blog. Learning leaders will stand on the mountain top and shout: “90% of the people who enrolled in this class completed it! Mission Accomplished!” Unfortunately, this piece of data tells us nothing. Three webinars over the next week can help organizations get better. Please click here below to read the complete blog.

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