Brandon Hall Group Webinars for December

happy_holidaysIf you have “powerful information”, “great analyst insight” and “useful knowledge” on your Holiday Wish List this year, Brandon Hall Group has just what you’re looking for and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been “naughty” or “nice” . . .

You’ll end the year strong, taking advantage of all the great webinars offered in December at Brandon Hall Group. This month’s webinars touch on topics related to mobile learning, social learning and onboarding plus our monthly Research Spotlight Webinar will highlight findings from our recent research on Mobile Learning.

Our Team has Santa’s sleigh loaded with great webinars and we’re ready to deliver!  Read more about December’s webinars and be sure to register TODAY!

Thursday, December 5 at 1 pm EST:  Mobile Learning in Practice

Organizations taking their first steps into mobile learning can easily become overwhelmed by the multitude of considerations that exist: multi-device learning, responsive design, delivery platforms, tablets, smart phones, app stores and much more. Without the benefit of practical examples and proven experience, it can be difficult to see how different approaches will work in practice or to decide what will work best for your organization or sector.

Join Brandon Hall Group as we look at some real world examples of how organizations are deploying mobile learning today. This is an opportunity to look at several different approaches and compare them to what is happening within your own organization, including:  Just-in-time learning, Games-based learning, Multi-device e-learning courses, and on-the-job support and training.  Be sure register today!

Tuesday, December 10 at 1 pm EST:  Many Hands, Many Minds: The Challenges of Compliance Training for Large Companies

Training in a compliance environment is never easy – there are always reports to be run and occasional tests of employees’ level of competence; in these environments strict penalties for failure to comply are common. Now imagine compliance training with the added complexity of multiple countries, several different compliance requirements and a simple, clear sanction for non-compliance: removal of your license to operate. And of top of this, making the training easy for employees to access, interesting and effective in changing behavior?

Join us as we explore the questions and answers when you need to deliver different compliance training and reporting to a large number of employees across many borders and regions. Highlighted in this webinar is a case study by Sun International, South Africa’s largest gaming operator in which they will discuss coping with such a geographically diverse and highly regulated environment and how they were able to create training that works for their organization. Register for this webinar today!

Wednesday, December 11 at 1 pm EST:  Leveraging Technology for Social Learning

Social media has become a fixture in many of our lives, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other of the growing list of social technology platforms. Organizations are recognizing the power of this type of technology, especially for learning. Using technology to facilitate the natural connections and interactions between learners, instructors and content is becoming the norm. The key is recognizing the difference between social media and social learning.  Join us on Wednesday, December 11 as we discuss social learning and technology, and explore what a social learning technology environment looks like and means to your organization.  Webinar topics include: Evolution of learning; Difference between social learning and social media; Current trends in social learning technology; Possibilities of social and mobile; and Examples of social learning environments.  Register for this trendy and informative webinar today!

Thursday, December 12 at 1 pm EST:  Crowdsourcing: The End of Administrative Onboarding

The days of administrative onboarding are numbered. Hiring priorities continue to evolve, and it’s become increasingly apparent that traditional onboarding – wherein new hire orientation is often limited to a list of HR to-dos – isn’t meeting today’s talent needs. Leaders of high-performing organizations are actively looking for ways to combat new hire turnover and foster new levels of employee engagement – and they’re overhauling onboarding to do it.

In order to achieve real and lasting results, where do you begin?  Join Brandon Hall Group as we discuss ways to leverage crowdsourcing tactics to get new talent up to speed, aligned with company culture, and in touch with key business goals.  Key takeaways include:  Understanding the talent trends driving the end of administrative onboarding; Case studies on the real business impact of improved onboarding process; and, Tips for leveraging crowdsourcing techniques to breathe new life into traditional onboarding practices.  Be sure to register for this insightful webinar today!

Thursday, December 18 at 1 pm EST:  Research Spotlight – Learning Strategies & Mobile Learning

This month’s Research Spotlight Webinar will feature BHG’s latest research on mobile learning and shares some preliminary data from the recently closed Learning and Development benchmarking survey.

David Wentworth, Senior Learning Analyst with Brandon  Hall Group, will look at some of the intriguing results included in his report: Mobile Learning 2013: Gaining Momentum, as well as a sneak peek into yet unreleased data about learning & development strategies and budgets. We will also take a look at upcoming research for 2014, including annual installments of the Relationship Centered Learning and Business Focus studies.

In addition, Brandon Hall Group Chief Operating Officer Rachel Cooke will highlight other exclusive resources available to members of Brandon Hall Group through its Member Center.  Be sure to register for this webinar to learn more about the Brandon Hall Group Member Center and our Featured Research on Mobile Learning!

So, there you have it . . . our line up on great webinars for December!  There’s no hustle and bustle here, just insightful analyst insights and informative discussion on the hottest topics in research . . . what better way to “wrap up” your December . . . all for YOU from Brandon Hall Group.

Happy Holidays!

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