Break the Cycle of LMS Implementation Chaos

David G's Blog Team_BuildingI read a constant stream of research on educational technology. I learn how fast things are changing and evolving. I am also surprised how some aspects of this industry never seem to change. For example, the low and lower ratings that solution providers still receive for large enterprise-level implementations of learning technology like an LMS or LCMS.

I have observed that more often than not, the solution provider isn’t the problem. The problem is the way the company handles the implementation. Listen to what I hear all the time about solution providers from the customers:

“They were not really helpful and asked us to solve every problem.”

“The vendor required more money every time the project hit a small hiccup.”

They were always there during the sale but always seemed to be busy after that.”

Now listen in on what the solution providers are saying:

They treated us like plumbers, just do your job and get out of here.”

We would have liked a long-term deal but they were only focused on the one project.”

“There was chaos during the implementation with way too many cooks in that kitchen.”

I am amazed how infrequently the customer or the solution providers get it right. As I describe in the first part of the just-released Brandon Hall Group white paper, Implementing the Enterprise LMS: Building the Teams, it’s all about The Team. You can take a look at the Executive Summary here. Taking the time to select the right people at the right time and being very clear about having them do the right things is not easy but what’s the next choice?  The Team in these instances includes everyone from the learner to the executive sponsor to the solution provider. That’s why it’s Team with a capital “T”.

Implementing the Enterprise LMS: Building the Teams, the full version of which is available to Brandon Hall Group members, captures the best practices for you to follow. It’s a sure cure for avoiding the LMS Implementation Blues.

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