Can You Prove Your Employees Have the Skills to Excel?

Many learning and development teams are going through the challenging process of determining how they can ensure that employees have the skills they need to excel. 

Despite progress in recent years, too much learning still conveys information and builds knowledge without providing experiences where learners demonstrate they can apply the skills they’ve learned to do their jobs and solve real business problems.

There remains a dramatic gap between learning’s importance to organizations and the effectiveness of learning in delivering business impact.

What’s the solution?

Frank Gartland, Chief Product & Technology Officer for Skillable, a Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice® Gold Preferred Provider, provides great insights in this on-demand webinar, Tech Skills Reality Check: Can Your Employees Apply Their Learning on the Job? What’s missing in most organizations are:

  • Live environments where people can learn while doing
  • Methods to help learners develop skill mastery and confidence based on their validated performance
  • The ability to scale hands-on experiences

Gartland talks with me about how a dedicated hands-on learning and validation platform, specifically designed for technical and digital skills development, can effectively bridge critical skill gaps and upskill and reskill employees in a manner that proves they can move the needle on business results.

This webinar provides guidance for organizations wanting to reimagine their approach to skills development by starting with desired business outcomes and ending with validation that employees have the skills to achieve those business goals.

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