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Erin's Blog 5-10-2013Here at Brandon Hall Group, our Member Center contains more than 350 case studies and case study summaries. In this repository of business programs and decisions exists a wealth of knowledge. These case studies include information from Fortune 500 companies, government entities, non-profits, universities, international organizations, and small regional groups developing mLearning, eLearning, leadership training, onboarding programs , implementing LMSs and making technology selections, sales and marketing programs, performance support, learning teams, and blended programs.

But how can you take the information in Brandon Hall Group case studies and use it to make business decisions? What makes our case studies different from other organizations? These case studies aren’t just general highlights of a program’s outcome. We also look at the organization’s approach, implementation, measurement metrics, outcomes, and lessons learned from program implementation.

Not just a simple description of a business program or process, our case studies detail the background of the company and the business conditions that lead to the particular program. Although we describe programs in detail, often with screenshots, links, and frameworks, we also discuss change management efforts and different measurement efforts, plus lessons learned, takeaways, and future plans for the program and organization.

All of our case studies follow the same format. Below are the sections and a brief description of the contents.

  • Company Background: this section gives general information about the organization, including its size, revenue, history, key products, and markets.
  • Business Conditions: this section includes general background about the conditions the company faced when it decided to implement a particular program or product.
  • Program Overview: this provides a high-level description of the program, its intended audience, and its objectives. This often includes screenshots of the program in action.
  • Change Management Efforts: once the program has been described, it’s important to discuss how it was implemented and the process and changes needed to be successful. This section discusses the changes leading to program implementation. This can include information regarding leadership buy-in, team dynamics, and logistics.
  • Measurable Benefits: everyone wants to know whether or not a program is successful. This section not only discusses program outcomes, but often describes how the organization measured success.
  • Future Plans/Next Steps/Lessons Learned: this section includes the key takeaways from the case study, future plans for the program, and lessons learned.

When searching for information, you can search by industry, company size, geographical region, type of program. Even if a particular program might not directly apply to your organization, our case studies are searchable by industry so that you can see what other companies in your industry or similar industries are doing. You can also see what companies in your particular region, or perhaps a region you’re considering moving into, are doing in regards to learning. The case studies also look at how companies are implementing specific types of programs such as mobile support, virtual worlds, or onboarding. Or you can look at a group of case studies together and see how those organizations are measuring learning, or the business conditions that are leading to change.

All of our case studies contain valuable information about where companies are and the programs they are implementing, and we often have the opportunity to hear from the companies during our webinars and in our award winning forums. On May 23, we will present a webinar where DHL leaders will describe how they increased the effectiveness of their 6,000-person global sales force, reduced the time to productivity for new hires, and attracted the best salespeople to work for them.  Anyone registering for this webinar will receive a copy of the award-winning case study describing DHL’s onboarding program at the conclusion of the webinar.

We look forward to hearing about experiences with case studies and interactions with our webinars and our member center. Feel free to email us at [email protected] to share your experiences or request more information about Brandon Hall Group’s research.


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